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  1. Hi~ I'm cricket.

    I'm looking for someone with a schedule suitable to mine! Usually I have time to post about 1-3 days out of a week. I type using the tablet most of the time (which is a pain haha).

    I always try to keep the quality of my posts good and will post at the very least a day a week even if I'm super busy! Most of the time I'll be able to roleplay 2-3 days though.

    I do have occasional writer's block and I suck at decision making, so that's there too. -cries- I usually catch on and get really into the roleplay though!

    Will you be my partnerr? -gets down on one knee-
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  2. I'm interested... Do you have a specific RP idea?
  3. I'm interested as well, if you're looking for more than one roleplay. If you're only looking for one, then Crono was here first and I humbly bow out. ^_^
  4. And if you're looking for more than two, I'd be interested.
  5. Humm, well at the moment I'm just looking for some action and possibly some romance involved! At the same time though I'm craving something extraordinary so I'd love to do some AU or supernatural/mythical beast creature thing sort of roleplay, haha. Hook me up and shoot me a message if you want to roleplay?
  6. I’m more than happy to roleplay with you as well! I have a limit of 4 different roleplays so if you’re still interested shoot me a message? –grins-
  7. AU?
  8. Alternate universe, not your typical earthly enviorment/people and such you can say haha.
  9. *hands up* I'm willing to do it
  10. I'm willing to roleplay with you. Your schedule coincides with mine. (:
  11. Hurray for matching schedules haha! Shoot me a message on stuff you might be interested in?
  12. Haha! Do you mean like, stuff from your favorite genre list or stuff from my favorite genre list?
  13. Hmmm either is fine! Maybe both if you want to~
  14. I can't really list down my favorite genres. I have WAAAYYY too many to list down, as seen in my roleplay resume. But seriously, the statement you've made is very ambiguous to my train of thought. What kind of stuff do you like? Are there certain pairings you'd be interested in doing, prefer to do or want to do? Is there a few genres you've been dying to do for these past few weeks but could never start something out of it? What exactly do you mean?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.