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  1. Hello to whoever is reading this
    or as my friend James would say, "Hello puny human being cx"
    But I'm not James, so I'm a lot nicer.
    I would like a 1x1 roleplay. I'm open to more than one partner and I'm not really picky on what we do.
    I just advise that you look at my resume thing to get a feel of what I like.
    So I guess this is auf wiedersehen
  2. Hey there, so do you wanna do an rp? I'd like to work out something.
  3. Yes! Of course! Do you have any ideas? I have a few we could recycle once I figure out where they are. xD
  4. Im up for anything really. I saw your resume and really i can do it all. Just depends on how we want the main setting and plot to be like.
    I have a couple OC's but im up for making someone new.

    Dracolupine- Cursed, agless, rougher, honorable (how he looks can depend on conditions i set), any time period
    Silas-Manipulative, selfish, fake empathy, can have no powers or shadowy/demonic powers, more modern or sci fi
    Jacob- Half gorgon *blinds self to not turn others. Heals once every year*, Naive, innocent, kind, past/modern_
    Dave Lich- Head of a gang, anti-hero, harsh, can raise the dead, mafia/modern
  5. I like Dave. If you wanted to throw something supernatural in there, well I think I have the perfect girl. If not, then I have another girl that may work. It's your decision.
  6. No tottaly ok with supernatural, what kind were you thinking? There are diffrent degrees
  7. Well she's a werewolf, if that's okay. She's actually the alpha of the pack.
  8. Totaly ok with that... After hearing werewolf, now your sure you want dave? Draco is my profile picture :P sadly art not by me

    I can see an issue between Dave's gang and the pack or allies... or tricky aliance. So many cool things.
  9. Haha yeah, I'm sure. I enjoy conflict and I'm sure they'll butt heads.

  10. Got it, ok mafia time or modern motorcycle/city?
    How do we want to set up the meeting?
    -meeting of orginizations, run into eachother, invaded turf on accident (or on purpose)
    do we want him to know werewolves are real or jsut know he and others have strange powers?
  11. Sorry if im asking to much in details... We can just wing it if ya want. I didnt even ask how muh you wanted to plan it out
  12. Oh! No, you're fine! (:

    I think it should be during modern times. Mia still lives a bit in the past, but she's still very much modern.

    I, also, think they should just run into each other, not realizing who the other is. She does work in the archives at the library, so that could make for an interesting first meeting. Maybe he's look for something? He's your character, so if we did go that route it's your decision.

    He should know about werewolves, but not realize who Mia is, which will piss Mia off even if she doesn't realize who he is at first.
  13. Ill try and think of somereason for him to be in the library. Now all we need to where we do this rp and the first post.
  14. like as in where i mean forums or Pm's. I can do the first post though to get him into the library. I was actaully thinking that he would be out of his home town. That way he doesnt have his gang nearby at the start and there is a much smaller chance of her knowing about him
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