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  1. First of all:
    I have a chronic disease and English isn't my first language, meaning I sometimes make a lot of stupid typos. I'm also on the phone a lot, which doesn't help. So if that will bother you, just stop reading now.

    I'm looking for something quick and easy. If you want long, detailed posts, this isn't for you. You should be able to reply daily, several times. I have a lot of free time and really want to fill it up with some more roleplays - especially now that I just lost my two most active partners.
    • Adults only. Preferably 20+. Get lost if you are lying about being an adult, or breaking any site rules.

    • I never just disappear. Please don't do the same. If you get busy, let me know. If you have to drop out, just say so. However, if you lose interest, it would be nice if we at least tried to fix it first.

    • I usually write around 400 words, sometimes more and sometimes less. Honestly not that into long descriptions and all that–at least not in every post–, but prefer to focus on the dialog, plot and character development.

    • Want to write with someone where we can talk about and build on the plot together. Passive partners aren't fun. Plus it's fun to talk OOC. I'm a cool person, I promise.

    • Modern fantasy and Sci-fi (not the alien kind) is my favourite genres. As long as the plot and characters are fun and good, I enjoy pretty much any genre/theme.

    • Can do fandoms if I'm familiar with them, but only OC.

    • Romance is fun, but not a must if the plot is cool. (And I can write some smut, but I'm fine with just skipping it too.) I absolutely LOVE drama and making my characters miserable. You really should too.
    • I prefer writing in threads since I forget to reply in PM's. I also prefer using photos in cs, since I never find any "anime" photos that I really like.

    • I do any pairing except mxf, since that always turns out super boring. I might be convinced with a good plot.

    • I'll be snooping on your other roleplays to check your writing style and see if we match. If you don't have any public ones, pm me a writing example.

    • I don't like anime styled rps. And I don't want to do any big world building. I'm looking for something quick and easy here.​
    • I live in Europe. Nice if our online time match!

    Listing what I like under here, and a couple of cravings. I'm more than willing to hear yours or to plot out something together. Just please be sure you have the time for another roleplay. I'm tired of people dropping out after only a couple posts.

    PM me with your thoughts and ideas :)
    And I'll know if you didn't read everything.
    Idea and Likes (open)

    + Someone in a long term relationship who experience a serious memory loss
    + Blind/deaf character or other disabillaties
    + Any non binary character
    + A universe where everyone as an animal companion, kinda like the golden compass.
    + Have never done a successful fxf rp, so would love that
    + Someone who can turn invisible
    + Shapeshifter
    + People with any supernatural powers
    + Photographer (so I for once can write something I actually know, haha)
    + S
    omeone norwegian (then we can have some language fun)
    + (I can write "evil" characters, as long as they have a reason for doing what they do.)


    + Sci-fi (not that into aliens though)
    + Action and adventure
    + Dystopia
    + Fantasy, set in a modern world
    + Supernatural
    + Post-apocalypse
    + Science/research facility/human testing
    + Clones and weird things like that
    + Kidnapping
    + Out of the ordinary relationships, like polyamory​
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  2. I am very much interested in doing something with you, I have been absent for a long while, so I have no active RP's that you could look at so I will paste an example at the bottom of this. I love to do FxF roleplays, I find them intriguing and fun when done right. I would love to mash some of your likes up, and do something with that. I was thinking of mashing FxF, shapeshifter, and the photographer idea. Here is an example of my writing, this is from a RP I am doing with someone via PM.

    Mason had had a long morning and he wasn't looking forward to work like he normally did, he knew that he had this new intern thing to do and somehow that just made him weary. Things normally went more smoothly for him, but his wife had been more demanding than normal with the things that she wanted changed and added onto the new house he was building for her. Mason ran his hand through his semi longish hair and sighed as he stepped into the elevator, his PA rushing in alongside him handing him a stack of papers. He took them as Dean rambled on about this mornings meetings, articles that needed his approval, the fact that one employee was caught stealing other employees stuff from their lockers, Mason interrupted there to ensure the thief had been dealt with to which Dean assured him that 'Oh he had, dealt with him very severely'. The elevator doors opened and light poured into the elevator, he was always caught off guard.

    The inside of the waiting room that attached to his office was one of the most impressive parts of the whole skyscraper. There were no windows, the only window in the whole area was the ceiling. A giant dome of glass that right now, showed a perfectly blue sky lit up with the shine from the sun. This almost immediately wiped Mason's bad mood and Dean visibly relaxed, "Mason, this is always my favorite part of the day, when those doors open and I see that. Its like the window to Heaven." Mason had heard this saying multiple times, in fact every magazine editor that had interviewed him and said that very same thing about his waiting room. Mason smiled and walked briskly across the floor to Mindy, his receptionist. She was already standing and ready to give him his planner and coffee, "Hello sir! Good morning, such a beautiful day. Meeting has been rescheduled for 3 instead of 9am. Oh and also, your new intern is here. She's already waiting in your office." The look on her face confused Mason a little, there was a hint of jealousy laced within Mindy's pretty plump little face. Mason smiled at her, and thanked her, nodded his head at Dean as Dean took a seat at his desk and then Mason opened the door to his office and walked in, closing the door behind him softly.

    His office was impressive as well, a large desk headed up the front of the room, in front of a huge pane of stained glass windows. In front of his desk stretched out the table at which he held his meetings with CEO's from other companies and all the Head of Departments within his own company. He looked over in the corner and found the girl, he cleared his throat and watched as she jumped up and stood straight looking at him, but not speaking. Which meant that she had read the contracts pretty thoroughly which made him smile on the inside. He cleared his throat, crossing the room in a matter of steps before he came to a rest in front of her. He looked down and extended his hand, "Hello there, I'm Mason Paulson the CEO of Grindr Magazine and you are?"
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