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  1. Hey, new here, looking for some RPs to join.
    Some info on me:
    • Haven't been in a roleplay for a long time, and my writing skills are rusty. Last roleplays I've been in have been on some more children-centric RP sites.
    • Because of above reason, I can RP comfortably with beginners, and prefer not going too far out of the intermediate and adept levels.
    • College is starting up again, so I'm gonna be a little more busy. However, I should find time in mornings and evenings to post. Weekends will be totally free, as will American holidays.
    • I take correction pretty well, especially after my paranoid brain figures out the GM doesn't hate me for the mistake. I do take suggestions into consideration, because I wish to learn how to write better.
    • I like collaborating with others and the GM to make a plot more interesting for all.

    Right now, I'm really looking for:
    • Fantasy (HighFan, ModFan)
    • Drama
    • Group (not open world please)
    • Maybe SciFi
    I am open to all others in my resume, however! Let me know if you have anything for me!
  2. I'll send you a few links in Pm and see if any interest you.
  3. Fandomstuck is always open! It's sort of like a mega-crossover RP, except it focuses on personifications of entire fandoms instead of specific canon characters. It's a little hard to explain in only a sentence or two, but the OP has more info if you're interested! (And hopefully the "open world" aspect doesn't scare you off too much -- the RP might've been designed as a sandbox but there's pretty much always at least one major sideplot going on that's easy to get involved with. The RP's sort of naturally divided itself into arcs based on said plots, actually.)

    And I like that you're the collaborative type! I love discussing plans and things with my players. :D In fact, I recently added a bunch of new features to get players more inspired and involved! I'd love to collaborate with you if you find yourself interested. ^^
  4. tagged you in one
Thread Status:
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