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  1. Looking for a few new RP partners. I'm open ended like heck - I'm okay with doing one-shot RPs that last ten minutes, or full out story and plots we come up with together. I accept virtually any type of character, so long as they're humanoid. I don't know, I just don't float with anthro's or animals. Sorry ;3;.

    I mainly use pre-made characters, but I am okay to do small alterations or edits to fit plots you might have ,or that we make together.
    In the way of character I have basically everything from anorexic little guys who have very little will power of their own, to fallen Seraph's and on wards to beings that are beyond existence itself and everything in between, so I'm pretty open minded about what you want to bring to the table.
    Post lengths and speed doesn't matter to me. I post according to what I am given to work with in your post, and go from there. Sometimes length shift from long, to short, and that's okay. I ain't gunna bust balls about that. If you post once a day or once a week, I'm not going to be upset. We get busy, and it's okay! I will never harass about posts.

    Besides all of that, drop a message if you're interested. I prefer talking and discussing plot and ideas and just chatting and getting to know my fellow RPers via Skype. If you're interested, please message me on here saying so, or drop a PM with your Skype details or request mine and I'll add ya up~.
  2. sounds intresting....care to tell more?
  3. Welp what would you like to know cx? I can tell ya anything you'd like to the best of my abilities.
  4. I've got a few plots in mind that you may or may not like who knows. I can share them via Pm if you like? (THE LIST IS LONG!)
  5. Do you still need RP'ers? If so, please send me a PM! :) (I prefer not to RP by using Skype though)
  6. Cool! I'm looking for one too. Do you like horror RPs? I'm okay with pretty much any genre. I'm new on this site but I've been RPing a few years. I'm hoping to do maybe something like a crime-drama or maybe something that has to do with super villains. Or maybe something with super heroes and zombies would be cool.
  7. I actually don't mind horror whatesoever. I mean, I have preferences when talkin' about horror but I'm usually fairly open-ended. I might be up for something with crime-drama in it, though. I am not sure about super-villains, or zombies, unfortunately. 8c Not usually the biggest fan of zombies. xc I find they grow dull quick.
  8. Well what type of RP are you craving lately? I don't have heavy preferences. As for the crime-drama I was thinking something with romance or with alot of law and order type of stuff in it.
  9. I've not got particular preferences as of right now. I wouldn't mind an RP using one of my thief characters, which could be interesting for a crime-drama, seeing stealings usually not a good thing xD.
  10. I have a plot line or two that might fit that critera
  11. Alright awesome! I think it'd be cool to do a theif that that teams up with a serial killer. Not as an accomplice but as a friend. But neither of them realize who the other is. And then we can do a big reveal with maybe the news uncovering one of them. What do you think?
  12. Definitely sounds like it has some interesting potiential. I'd ove to talk more about it, but preferably through PM?
  13. Alright. I think I sent a PM your way~ We can discuss through there about those plots. perhaps?
  14. Ok sure I'll PM you in a sec.
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