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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
Hey, I'm looking for some one-on-one Rping at the moment and wondering if anyone would be interested. I enjoy Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Scifi,Medival, and many other types of RP so I'm not very picky. I also have a lot of ideas at the moment, but if you have any I would love to hear them as well. I prefer to play girl roles in my RPs and often won't play a guy unless it is manditory to get things going. Anyway, feel free to post and start talking out ideas, I'm more than ready to start!
Hi Lady Harpy I'd be happy to do some one on one Rping with you :) Do you have any ideas?
I have plenty of ideas! But first, is there a certain gender you like to play? I usually play females. I just don't want to make a bunch of suggestions where you don't get to play what you like.
Well i usually play females but i can play a guy too :). Are you ok with me possibly playing two characters?
I am fine with that. Anyway I usually play Romance RP's or have situations where romance can happen. Would you be okay with that?
Yeah that's fine, i love romance rps :) So what ideas did you have in mind?
Well i have plenty but here is one idea that i like.

1)(fantasy) A young princess is given away by her father to an invading king, as a sign of peace and acceptance of him losing control of his land. She goes as told, not knowing what to expect at all, assuming she will live with this new king and marry him. However, she becomes nothing more than a chamber maid and is stripped of her royal place, never even seeing the king's face. One day though, while working, she unknowingly meets the king and helps him by writing down some important notes for him. Impressed with her writing, since he actually can't write or read at all, he makes her his tutor.
Sounds good :) Would you be wanting me to take the role of the king?
Yes please~ I would really like it if you did...I would myself if I didn't have the bad habit of making my men, which I try to keep manly, get really girly.
Sure :) I might add a girl character who could act as a friend for the princess or the enemy of the king such as a an evil jealous sister. Would you be ok with that? And how would you like me to play the king? Misunderstood? Cruel, until his tough exterior is melted by the princess?
I'm cool with the extra female character, feel free to make her a villian or a friend, what ever floats your boat. As for the king, you really hit the nail on the head with your guess, cruel and misunderstood is just how i pictured him! 83
Awesome :) She'll probably end up a friend since my evil characters need work. :P So when when were you thinking of starting?
Well, I was thinking right now, if you're cool with that.
Well i have some stuff to do today, so i probably won't be able to start the IC but i should be able to finish all the OCC plotting and Character sheets. I might be able to come back on tonight but no guarantees :( Speaking of Char sheets, what would you like on them? And did you have any ideas for a name? And i have a few questions on the setting, such as the technology level and the different kingdoms. :)
That's cool, I understand. As for the character sheets I'd like the basics like name, age, and appearance, as well as some general info, maybe some history, nothing to crazy really.
Ok a couple of quick questions, Is this set in medieval times? Do you want me to make up a kingdom for the prince, or did you have something in mind? I ask because i had an idea that his kingdom is dead, dark and Barron and he's invading because the princess's land is so beautiful and full of life. And finally have you thought of a name for the RP yet? :)
Yes it is Medieval and I actually like your idea of a dead and lifeless kingdom for the king, It think it would be great if you did that. As for the RP name I'm not too sure, but if you have an idea i'd love to hear it.
Great i love medieval RPs! :P I think it would also explain his personality because of the horrible place hes had to grow up and live in. I'll come up with something good ;P and i'll try and come up with a name :)
Alright then, once you get your character sheets done we can start, I'll also make on for my character as well. Feel free to just post them here once you are done alright?
Will do. Once we think of a name do you want to transfer the char sheets to an OCC?