Looking for some RP partners! (F Please and Thank you)

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  1. Hello! Thank you for stepping in here and giving me a looksee! Before I get started I'd just like to say that I'm looking for someone to play Female. I only do MxF or FxF or FutaxF (Yes futa... so what wanna fight about it? XD)
    I do tend to enjoy the Futa RPs for some reason. Um... I only RP through PMs (lol pms... I'm so immature XD) I'm more of a passive RPer. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
    Uuuuuh lets see what else have I forgotten.... OH! I know! I like to play anthro characters more or less... Have any questions about that? Feel free to ask. Please don't use chat speak in the RP unless your character is saying it. Um... please use some sort of OoC. I know i'm forgetting a bunch of stuff but I can't think of it at the moment soooooooo onto types I do.

    Medieval Fantasy <3
    Modern Fantasy
    Future Fantasy (lazers, spaceships, flying cars, Robots :P)
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Slave x Master <3
    Sister x Sister
    Sister x Brother (Meh incest I'll do but its not my favorite)
    Ninja <3 (Thinking some kind of clan thing or We can cook something up.)

    Only fandoms I'll really do are

    SAO First season (Silica best character!)
    .//hack (well its gotta be our own story cuz I don't remember much of it from when I was a kid xD)

    Hey if you have a suggestion for another type of RP feel free to ask... I'm drawing blanks on more types at the moment.
    Well thank you for browsing! I look forward to hearing from people! :D

    OH! I like to RP with people who can give me something to work with and I love to get better at RPing so please feel free to give me feedback and tips! :D
    Please reply once a day or more and if you're gunna vanish please tell me ahead of time. Sometimes I know you can't get on the comp some days so if you miss a day or two now and then fine but.... if you're going on vacation for like a week please let me know. I know sometimes something happens like comp breaking or whatever so I can understand that.
    Think I said everything.... Well shoot me a message if you're interested!

    Edit: I live in the USA on the east coast soooooo expect me to reply in the afternoon for that timezone.
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  2. i would love to rp with you
  3. What type? and feel free to PM me :D
  4. medieval fantasy or modern fantasy i have a few ideas in mind
  5. <3 Medi. Inbox me!
  6. Just a question does the F in the title refer to the gender of the person behind the character or the gender played? Cause I'd be totally up to rp if it was teh gender.
  7. The character played.
  8. Ah in that cause its time for some rping.
  9. hey I'd love to rp with you ^_^
  10. Sure Inbox me and we can talk about it there :)
  11. I'm interested in doing a future fantasy with you if you're still looking!
  12. sure but i'm gunna say this... your avatar scares the hell out of me XD
  13. Terribly sorry, not changing it anything soon though. Ya better get used to wall eyed staring.
  14. lol well shoot me inbox and we can talk about setting and stuffs
  15. Done and done!
  16. Would you be interested in doing a Sister x sister Master x Slave Modern Futuristic Fantasy Role Play with me? I do have a few limits, but a big one if no futa please. it creeps me the hell out and is a quick way for me to leave any role play. I do not mind dildos or strap ons.
  17. Shoot me an inbox and we can talk about it there. My character doesn't have to be a futa it's just an option if my partner wants it.
  18. I would love to do a ninja one with you! ^-^
  19. Sounds good to meh!
  20. Awesome! ^-^ pm me??