Looking for some romance rp partners.

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  1. I am looking for a couple 1x1 romance rp partners that have an idea that they would like to try or would like to think of something together. I will do mature or non-mature. I only play male characters and I do not do yaoi roleplays. I would like someone who is flexible about post length because I can not always do long post since I am sometimes on my phone and not on a computer. Please send me a message or post on here if you are interested.
  2. I am interested. We will probably have to think of something together for I am not the greatest at figuring something out on my own. I am okay with one-liners from time to time, because sometimes it is all you need.
    And I am glad you do male, for I am better at female.
  3. I'd love to do a romance rp! They're my favorite :) all I play is female so you playing male works wonderfully! Recently I've been big on forbidden love romances if you're interested in that, if not we can think of something else :)
  4. Hello if you're still interested I would love to come up with something together with you if you don't mind x3
  5. I'm trying to find someone to role play with, anyone willing to help me out?
  6. I love romance rps :3 I love playing females rather than males :P if you wish to rp with me hit me up with a pm. I also do have an rp idea if ur intrested ^^
  7. Pitch your ideas to me I'd love to RP with you.
  8. oooh! throw ideas at me! I understand about shorter posts and being on your phone!
  9. I'm up for a romance RolePlay! Cx thoughs are my favorites.
  10. Alrighty, this is sounding awesome!
    Want to work on an idea together? I can understand your problems with using a phone and short post length, I have the same thing sometimes.
  11. sound like something I can do!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.