Looking for some roleplays [ MxM|MxF|FxF ]

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  1. I'll make this short and sweet (:
    • I am somebody who can write 20 paragraphs or 2, however, anything lower and I begin to lose interest in the roleplay.
    • I don't mind if you take a week or two to reply (or a few hours), I'd just like a reply. That being said, I'd like for my partner to hold the same respect for me.
    • I'm currently looking to play the F in MxF pairings and bottom for MxM and FxF. I don't know, it's just been my kick lately, it might change. I'll let everyone know if that's the case. However, I do enjoy DomxDom relationships.
    • I don't mind if we have more plot than sex or more sex than plot, but if we choose the latter, please keep it interesting.
    • If you have any kinks you'd like to try out, let me know. ^^
    • If you have any ideas of your own, please let me know! I'd love to try them out.

    Alrighty! Now for some pairings! I don't have any plots right at this moment, but I'm not so bad at coming up with them once the ball is rolling. Keep in mind pairings can be combines, no matter the category. (:

    I want this role || * -> plot

    • Good Gir/Boy x Bad Boy
    • Scholarship, Poor Boy x Rich, Spoiled Girl/Boy.
    • Model x Photographer
    • Boss x Employee
    • Best Friends Living Together
    • Fiends With Benefits
    • Surrogate mother x Biological father
    • Father x Son
    • Brother x Sister
    • Sister x Sister
    • Mother x Daughter
    • Twins
    • Werewolf x Vampire
    • Guardian Angel x Human
    • Angel x Demon
    • Angel x Fallen Angel
    • Demon x Demon
    • Demon x Human
    • Elemental x Elemental
    • Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
    • Supernatural Creature x Human
    • Neko x Vampire
    • Neko x Human
    • Vampire x Human Victim
    • Superhuman x Superhuman
    • Royal Guard x Princess/Prince
    • King x Son
    • Assassin x Noble
    • Prince/ss x Witch
    • Gypsy x Royal
    • Healer x Knight
    • Princess/Prince x Thief *plot

    Soooo, just PM me or post down below telling me what you'd be interested in and what pairings you were wanting to do. :)

    I'll be posting plots below soon ~
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  2. Best friends living together sounds good :)
  3. I'll shoot you a PM ~
  4. I would like to do Angel x Fallen Angel or Guardian angel x human please I have plot ideas for both and I also want it to be MxM or FxF
  5. Hey, I'd be interested in the AssasssinxNoble rp if you'd like :) I have a character in mind that would fit the bill, once we work out plot
  6. okay cool
  7. I'd like to play any of these pairings. I have characters that could fit some of these roles, but the others can be created. I'm tending to RP MxM these days, if it's okay. I'll have more time in june, but I can post at least once a day now ^_^

    • Good Gir/Boy x Bad Boy (being the bad boy)
    • Friends With Benefits
    • Angel x Fallen Angel (the fallen)
    • Demon x Demon
    • Supernatural Creature x Human (SN creature)
    • Royal Guard x Princess/Prince (guard)
  8. I have a Royal x Royal sort of plot if you would be interested in hearing.
  9. I'd like to try a father and son one if you don't mind playing the father. I was thinking maybe MC could be causing problems with his mother and his parents split when he was little. he's forced to move in with the father he doesn't have any memory of because he was so young. He's 18 but finishing his last year of high school.
  10. Oh werewolf x vampire sound interesting :D

    I have an idea for that one if you'd like to hear it c:
  12. How about a combination of gypsy werewolf and vampire royal? We could do something similar with the guard and prince/princess if you'd like.

    I'd love to expand on those. :)

    P.S I hope you're okay with these being FxF's I'm not that great at playing males, I can give it a shot though if you really want.