Looking for some roleplays esp Vamp Diaries

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  1. Other thread was closed down.

    I have been away from roleplaying for a while and I miss it. I do not play male characters or romance. I am only looking for someone to roleplay as a male character. Doubling and playing side females is ok.
    Vampire Diaries (doesn't have to follow exact storyline)
    Walking Dead (doesn't have to follow exact storyline)
    Family twin brother and sister have a few plots
    Zombie apocolypse
    Trapped in a ____

    A few rules:
    1 on 1 only
    I only play female characters.
    I cannot double I would prefer you to double

    Just shoot me a pm and we can talk.
  2. Hi,
    I'm quit interested in your story about the Family Twins.
    I'm new to the website and I would like to RP once again.
    I rather play male characters at the moment.
    PM me, if your interested.
  3. Still looking.