Looking for Some Role Play Partners ^_^

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    About Me
    I have been role playing for about 3 years now
    I've been a member of Iwaku for almost a year
    I am a teen user currently, will abide by the rules of Iwaku, so no writing smut with adult users
    The length of my writing depends on how much there is to work off of, but I try to post a minimum of 2 paragraphs
    I don't like playing as non-OC characters, but you can feel free to do so
    I will usually RP as male characters, but always looking to change things up a bit
    Modern/Slice of Life RPs never last long with me unless there is some actual excitement

    Some Plots...Maybe?
    If you have a plot or idea, go right ahead, these are just some things I'll do if you don't have any ideas.
    BTW these are all last minute sorry...

    Assassin x Assassin
    Bounty Hunter x Target
    Post Apocalyptic or Rebellion themed
    Fantasy or Mythical Creatures
    Angel and/or Demon anything

    ....Legit Anything Really. I'm open to just about everything.

    Posting Rules
    I don't care how long it is, as long as it has something that I can work with (which is usually a paragraph)
    If there is something that I have written that you don't like please tell me so I can fix it
    Please be consistent with your posts, if you will not be able to reply, please notify me

    Any Questions? Ask away.
  2. I'm intrested in the assassin x assassin one, I actually have an idea for it.
  3. Can we have one that starts 'slice of life' but then magic happens?

    Also if you're ok with RPing with a grown person, I'd love to try some of those out. Never done a bounty hunter x target, but I don't play weak-willed characters. The target would keep escaping for a reason...

    OOH maybe we can combine the bounty hunter thing with mythical creatures? Like the bounty hunter is a monster hunter?

    also I'm down with rebellion type stuff, I've had this plot for the Hunger Games in my head forever. It wouldn't require any canon characters but you would have to play a Capitol person...
  4. I've had a gangxgang modern/action/slice of life roleplay in mind.
    It's basically about this guy named Matthew who creates this group to help those outcasted by mainstream society. Unfortunately, they did make an enemy with a large gang known as Scripiant. So, my character (and yours if you choose to have one on Matthew's side) has to survive life without getting murdered by a gang, and caught from the cops while trying to live everyday life.
    I did leave some minor stuff out I believe, but if you're interested, PM me!
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  5. If your still searching I would love to do a rp with ya! The post apocalyptic/rebellion one would be fun. Or maybe even the fantasy. If your interested maybe shoot me a pm?
  6. Ha! I kinda want to play that with you. Sounds interesting.
  7. Alright! Shoot me a PM and we'll talk about the details. ^-^
  8. Hi! Im interested in the bounty hunter x target idea. It sounds cool so if you're still looking for a partner!
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