Looking for some partners (:

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  1. Looking for some Roleplay Partner(s) & Pairings included

    Hello there, my name is Violet (Or Narumi) I am 19 years old and have been roleplaying for a good few years now. I signed up for Iwaku a good few months ago, though I haven't been very active because of my loss in roleplays, and for the fact that I signed up for another roleplay site. Though, I have decided on returning and such, so I'm looking for some partners, I'm always open.


    I don't have amu particular rules but there are a few things that I like in a roleplay and what makes me interested:

    # Be active, if you have to leave or you get busy do tell me! because I hate that feeling of sitting around and waiting for posts. I can understand if you get busy, just tell me!

    # Have some good grammar, I'm not really fussy but I tend to enjoy the roleplay better if I can understand what you're saying (:

    # Have fun! This isn't a rule but roleplaying is amazing and you should have fun! If you aren't having fun with a roleplay you have with me, then just say! I won't mind, just so long as you don't ditch me without saying.


    (I will be willing to try out something new, though!)

    Pairings (Modern):

    Girl x Boy
    Girl x Girl
    Boy x Boy
    Mental Disorder x Normal
    Mental Disorder x Mental Disorder
    Deaf x Hearing
    Ex Boyfriend x Ex Girlfriend
    Best Friends
    Abuser x Abused

    Fantasy pairings:

    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Dragon x Human
    Fire Princess x Ice Prince
    Fire Prince x Ice Princess

    If you have any other ideas in mind just say! I am always open for requests (I may have already mentioned that) And you can comment below or PM me.
  2. Interested in creating an animal-based roleplay with you. :bouncy:
    PM me?
  3. PM me, I think I may have a character you may be interested in.