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  1. Hi there! I'm Aurora. 。◕‿◕。

    I'm rather new here, and I'm looking to find a few partners to satisfy my craving for a good roleplay.

    So, what can you expect from me?
    * My average posts would have to be about two or three paragraphs. I would love for a partner to at least give me a good paragraph every post, otherwise I tend to get bored.

    * I try to reply at least every other day, if not every day. If I will be away for an extended period of time I will tell you. If it has been a week and you haven't gotten a response feel free to pester me. I probably just forgot to reply!

    * I am comfortable with roleplays that contain sexual situations, and I'm also okay with roleplays that have none of the sort. I can even do ones that completely revolve around smut. Violence and language also aren't a problem for me. Do tell me if you have any limits, I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable.

    * I'm much more comfortable playing female characters. I can play male, I'm just not the best at it so I tend to stay away. I can always double as both genders if wanted, I can even do more than two characters at a time.

    * I usually do male x female. I can be convinced to do female x female you just have to, like I said, convince me. I absolutely do not do male x male. It's just not something that I like in a roleplay.

    Here's just a few ideas. I'm always open to other ideas as well, feel free to ask!
    Anything that is underlined is the only one in the pairing I will do in that specific one. (Sometimes I'm picky.)

    Pairings :

    arranged marriage
    best friend x best friend
    roommate x roommate
    shy x rebel
    bully x victim
    knight x princess
    commoner x prince/princess
    master x slave [libertine!]
    master x maid
    ghost x human
    vampire x human
    x captor
    teacher x student
    boss x employee
    neko x human
    neko x neko
    beauty x beast
    older brother x younger sister
    older sister x younger sister
    cousin x cousin

    Fandoms :

    Shugo Chara (ocs only)
    Princess Tutu

    Plots / small ideas :

    Road trip
    - A group of high school friends take a trip before they start college. It's a very open idea and could go a lot of ways.

    - Does anyone even do this here?
    Idea 1 - Medieval setting where people are suddenly being born with magical powers all over the small kingdom of Krea and the surrounding area. Anyone found with these powers is labeled an outcast, and could even be labeled a witch and be burned at the stake. There is only a small glimmer of hope for these people, as there is a rumor that just outside of Krea there is a town that accepts these gifted people. Two of these people happen to meet and decide to journey to this rumored town, not knowing whether it is real or just a rumor.
    - I'll do basically any gifted setting. I also have a particular interest in the gifted high school type at the moment.

    Zombie apocalypse
    - Survivor x survivor. They happen to bump into each other going towards a safe haven either one has heard about or they both have heard about.

    Beauty x Beast
    - I was thinking something modern like Beastly.
    Idea 1- Like the fairy tale, the beast is cursed by a witch and turns into a horrible monster. Beauty happens to stumble upon this monster.
    Idea 2 - The beast is just a horrible person, who has a bad reputation around a small town, to the point where no one goes near them or associates with them in any way.

    ✌(‘ω’✌) Pm me if you're interested or have any other ideas~. (✌’ω’)✌​
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  2. Hello, I am in need of partners as well! I've been rping for about five years or more, so I'm experienced and able to write in three paraghraphs or more ^_^ I mainly rp male, and I'm interested in perhaps a vampirexhuman rp, or I can even do masterxslave perhaps. If you're interested, please pm me!
  3. PMed! ^^
  4. I got it! ^_^
  5. Still looking if anyone is interested. c:
  6. I'm always a sucker for areanged marriages because I love to write my character's reaction <3 I will PM you so we can talk more about this
  7. EDIT : Added a few more pairings.
    Still looking by the way~.
  8. Hi there! I love the BeautyxBeast idea. Would you be interested?
  9. Absolutely~. I sent you a PM.

    Still looking, by the way!
  10. I have an idea for an heir and maid theme, if you'd like to hear it.
  11. Hello! I'm pretty new my self and I really like the idea of a road trip rp!
  12. Ive been looking for a the beauty and the beast rp(the one where he's cursed) if your still looking
  13. I am! I pm'd you. ^____^
  14. Edit : Added a few more pairings.
  15. Would you be interested in combined in the two plots.
  16. I'd be willing to do any of, if you want:
    arranged marriage
    best friend x best friend
    roommate x roommate
    shy x rebel
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