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Romance! <3 Fantasy, modern, magical, post-apocalyptic, medieval.....

A bit of everything really :D

  • Hi there, It's been forever since I've role-played so i'm looking for some partners to RP with to get back into the swing of things and hopefully have some fun. If you're interested please reply here or shoot me a pm. :D

    • Time zone: AEDT/AEST

    • I'm online pretty much all the time, though I'm most active at night & on weekends

    • I tend to adapt to my partner's length when it comes to posts, but usually I post about 2-4 paragraphs. I can post more or less though, just depends on what I have to react to.

    • I roleplay in the third person, in the past tense.

    • I rp in threads or pms

    • I prefer to play female characters, but I'm happy to play guys too and I love to double.

    • I love fantasy, romance <3, drama, modern, medieval, sci-fi, slice of life, pretty much everything.

    • I LOVE romance and i'm always up for it, only thing is i don't do detailed smut and would need to fade to black as it makes my IRL partner uncomfortable.

    A crackling fire blazed before him, its soft shadows dancing across his ivory skinned face. As he sat in his favorite armchair, he lost himself in its intriguing dance. His mind for but one blessed moment, empty of all thoughts, or all mindless worries and regrets. He could simply..... be. He knew it would not last, soon he would be interrupted by his servants or some other dull thing and his mind would once again be filled with the endless conflicting voices.

    He was of course proven correct as the sound of howling wolves filled his ears, drawing his attention and annoyance. Not that he wanted to admit it, but also a hint of curiosity. This was not a pack nor a lone wolf, it was a pair and that usually meant they were not wild but trained for hunting. He could not think why they would be on his land, his reputation usually kept trespassers clear. Though he supposed it was possible some fool had stumbled out here, accidentally or not he would not tolerate an invasion of his privacy. The wolves though, perhaps they had chased prey here. His manor was after all not too far from the asylum, though a prisoner escaping from there and making it here through the forest was no easy feat.

    Sighing softly as he stood from his chair, moving swiftly to the door. He could have had any number of his servants check on the disturbance, but it was best he deal with it personally if his suspicions were true. He stepped calmly out into the rain, unflinching from the cold as he moved towards the disturbance. Stopping as he saw the woman, she was clearly close to death. Judging by the wolves at the fence, she was indeed an escapee of some sort. For a moment he simply stood there, watching her life drain away as he thought about what to do with her. He should just hand her over to her pursuers, it was the expected thing to do.

    However she just looked so pathetic lying there, it stirred a strange feeling of pity within him. Also he'd been rather bored lately, perhaps harboring a new blood fugitive would be of some interest. He could always hand her over later if he grew tired of her, which given his mood lately was rather likely. Having made his decision he moved forward until he was standing over her, glancing up at the wolves he spoke to them in soft but harsh tone silencing them immediately.

    Once they were quiet, he bent over her quickly for a moment before picking her up in his arms. He would examine her more thoroughly later, right now he needed to get her inside.

    • I prefer quality over post length, so as long as it gives me something to respond to and moves the story along I don’t mind short posts but please no one-liners. At least 1-2 paragraphs would be great.

    • I'm not a grammar nazi, everybody makes mistakes including me. I just ask that you try your best, so as long as I can understand what you're saying I'll be happy.

    • Be okay with a little OCC chatter, I like to talk with my partner about how the rps going and plotting and stuff.

    • Most of all I’d just love someone to have some fun with. :D

  • Pairings

    These could work in any setting, let me know your ideas.

    • Werewolf x Human

    • Vampire x Human

    • Werewolf x Vampire

    • Princess x Peasant

    • Prince x Princess

    • Princess x Knight

    • Shapeshifter x Human

    • Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter

    • Kidnapped x Kidnapper

    • Bounty hunter x Bounty


    Will be updated soon. :D

    Our characters are a prince and princess from rival kingdoms. There has been bad blood between the two kingdoms for generations, in an attempt to avoid war and secure a lasting peace the two royal families have decided to marry off their children. Whilst it may work to unite the kingdoms, how will our characters deal with it?