Looking for some partners~!

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  1. I'd like to find some people to do some 1x1s with. I'm open to almost anything, really-though I have a few ideas that I wanna use:

    •Two rivals or enemies who eventually start to fall for one another, maybe if one of get gets injured somehow?(this one could be really comedic, and I wouldn't mind using a fandom for this)
    •Two really incapable wannabe heros embark on an adventure in a totally cliche fantasy world(again, comedy xD)
    •Two old childhood friends now groen up have sided against each other in war(this one could even be historical, maybe Civil War era...?)
    •A fairy-tale character gets trapped in another story and wreaks havoc

    I will add more as time goes on, but let's stick with these at the moment. Let me know if interested~! :D
  2. the first and the fourth is really interesting! xD I really like the fourth one though. Mind telling me more about it?
  3. Well, my idea for the fourth one goes a bit like this:

    All fairy-tale worlds are connected by portals, yet these remain unknown of. One day some character stumbles across one and finds themself in a c ok mpletely new story. Depending on the character, and the story they enter, a variety of things could happen.
  4. hi i like the 3rd and 4th can u tell me more about the 3rd
  5. I like the first and second one :) Mind saying more about those as well?
  6. Okay, more details~:
    Plot 1: Two rivals are known to not stand each other, but one gets injured, so the other rival feels guilty and helps them get better. The hurt one starts to fall for the other, and pretends to be hurt even after being better.

    Plot 2: Two guys want to be heros in a fantasy world. When an opportunity to save the day arises, they jump at it, though they are horrible at being heros. It's a parody of typical fantasy where monsters are stereotyped as well as races and other typical things.

    Plot 3: There are two friends since childhood who take opposing sides in a war of some sort. They are then torn between their friendship and loyalty to their cause.

    Hope this helps :3
  7. Yeah I like the first better :) Would you like to try it out with me?
  8. i like the third better would you like to do it
  9. I'd love doing both with you guys! You want to talk here or take it to a PM? :)
  10. Lol. The 3rd seems interesting.
  11. I really like your fourth idea. I would really like to role play that with you if your not already role playing it with someone else ^-^