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Looking for some partners ^-^

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MistressShadow/MasterFerlin, May 22, 2016.

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    • Hello, I am Shadow. I have been a writer for 7-8 years now and of course I'm still expanding my talents in roleplay every day. Currently I can work up about 3-4 paragraphs depending on the state of the roleplay. Sadly having some of the disorders I have it is difficult for me to maintain that 3-4 paragraphs so some times it can be one short paragraph and some times I can end up posting 7 paragraphs. It really all depends on how into the roleplay I am and how much detail the scene calls for.

      I am able to play multiple roles up to 14 roles actually but thats just dominant story leading roles, I can play as many non dominant just people passing by type of characters as I want. I'd like it if you were able to at least control a few different roles in the roleplay.

      I play both male and female and I play the basic sexualities other sexualities I am not familiar with. I can play a: Heterosexual F/M, Homosexual Male, Lesbian Woman, Bisexual M/F, and Pansexual M/F. I can also play as a transgender if needed but I've only ever done it twice. It wasn't hard for me to do though ^-^

      I am comfortable with many many disturbing and sickening things. I am mature about alot of things and I think I can handle it if you throw incest my way or even corpse lovers. I have dealt with alot worse. I do not have sexual content in my roleplays though. I don't feel comfortable with doing smut, Erps, or any 18+ content. I can handle very offensive content such as: Slurs, cursing, drug/alcohol use, murder, gore, violence, rape, and etc.

      My main thing is that I would like to receive from a partner is communication. I would highly prefer it if you had skype or even made one to have communication with me outside of Rpnation.

      Sorry that was so long but I like to let you know what I am comfortable with and not comfortable with.

    • 1. I will not participate in any smut or erotic content.
      2. Have patience. Some times I have days where I am very depressed so some times my responses never show for 1-3 days after 3 days just give me a friendly reminder to post ^-^
      3. Have fun ^-^

    • Do:
      Romance <--- (I like to have it in most of my roleplays but I can have a roleplay without it if you are uncomfortable with it)
      Historic [Victorian Era, Early Americas, Medieval Era, Late Medieval (Witch hunt Era)]

      Fandoms <--- (I can be convinced)

    • Shadow Williams
      PM for more info
      Alexander Grayze
      PM for more info
      Lily Wilson
      PM for more info
      Ferlin/Felicia Nols
      PM for more info
      Alice Masons
      PM for more info

    • Will be updated soon

    • Open to anything at the moment
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