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  1. I hope I'm doing this right haha. I transferred over from RP nation so I think most things are the same but I'm not sure. Anyways, here is a list of ideas as well as a small rule box. Anything else can be discussed further in the PMs so feel free to shoot me some questions!

    NOTE: Please PM me if you are interested, rather than posting below unless you have a question.

    • I only play females, but I could double up depending on the plot.
    • I only do MxF. Sorry. It's just what I'm most familiar with.
    • For fandoms, I do either OC x Canon or OC x OC, and that's it. I usually double up for Fandoms.
    • I require a partner who posts at least two paragraphs, and I don't mean two lines per paragraph, I mean nice chunky paragraphs. More is always better.
    • Active partners would be great since I'm on a lot, but it's not necessary. I get that people have work and stuff and that always comes first. Just let me know if you'll be gone for long and please tell me if you ever want to quit.
    • Since this is in the Libertine section, yes, I involve an amount of adult themes in my roleplays, but I never want them to be the focus of the roleplay. I am all for it happening, but there needs to be a bigger plot. Like 70 percent plot and the rest can be smut.
    • I think that's it so remember to PM me if you're interested!
    KEY: Bold is my preferred role and a star means I'm craving that pairing right now.


    PJO/HOO (Books)
    *OC x Percy
    OC x Leo
    OC x Jason
    OC x Frank
    OC x Nico

    THE HUNGER GAMES (Books and movies)
    *OC x Gale
    *OC x Finnick
    OC x Peeta
    OC x OC

    *OC x Jace
    OC x Simon
    OC x Alec
    OC x Magnus
    OC x OC

    *OC x Tony
    *OC x Steve
    OC x Bruce
    OC x Clint
    Natasha x Clint
    OC x OC

    THE MAZE RUNNER (Books and movies)
    *OC x Newt
    *OC x Minho
    OC x Thomas
    OC x Gally
    OC x Aris

    DIVERGENT (Books and Movies)
    *OC x Four
    OC x Caleb
    OC x Peter
    OC x OC

    HARRY POTTER (Movies)
    *OC x Draco
    *OC x Ron
    OC x Harry
    OC x Sirius
    OC x Remus
    OC x OC


    1. Character A and Character B are two of the best assasins in the whole firm, and they are assigned the same target, to work together and take him down. What eventually is revealed is that Character B is secretly a girl who has posed as a male to get into the firm and take it down on the inside, and their new target is her father...
    2. Girl is walking through the forest when she is nearly killed by a beast, but a guy comes to the rescue and saves her. She wants to thank him, but before she can, two people corner them. Seems that the guy is a fallen angel who has been up to no good, and now she's dragged into it for the angels think she's aiding him...
    3. The Elements control everything; Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Darkness, Light, Shadow, and Spirit. All of these can be combined to make more complex elements and everyone has some form of element in their hearts, but only a select few can actually harness them. Those that have the gift of harnessing the element within them (for everyone only has one) are brought to a secret place created just for them by the personification of the base elements, the Ether, to train and hone their abilities so that they may protect this sacred place. Evil is stirring in the Ether, Darkness has become the strongest of all the elements and she is waging war on her brothers and sisters. Those that harness her element are far and few, the elders of the Ether uneager to let any of her line into their sacred place. For the first time in all of Ether history, those that harness the elements are being prepared for battle, against Darkness. - This could be a three person Rp or we would have to double. Rough idea, can be discussed further.
    4. Two characters are room mates. It starts in the very beginning, when they first meet eachother. One of them lies that they're homosexual just so that they can be room mates together, but of course, the lies have to end at some point...
    5. A young girl is kidnapped by a handsome young man. He keeps her for a while, planning to use her for ransom so he could use the money to help his poor family. But when the two fall deeply in love, he finds it hard to keep her - making a qwick decision he made her lose all memory of him, so that he could attend her school, as a teacher and make her love him of her own free will. But when she begins to rember, will his plans all go wrong?
    6. For centuries, the gods observed Earth and its inhabitants without interfering in their lives. They excitedly watched as evolution bloomed into the human race. They doted after each and every person's story. They sighed at love's true first kiss. They cringed at love's true first tears. They wept for every war. They nodded their head to those who worked hard. They shook their head towards those who mistreated others. And as much as they wanted to participate in the mortal world, to share their experiences and spread their wisdom to the humans, they could not. If you were a god, you were forbidden to set foot on Earth. Contact between the the gods and humans was forbidden. This wasn't some new law or anything -- this was a rule set forth at the very beginning of time. But what happens when this law is broken?
    7. Unable to afford a plane ticket home this year, Muse A resigns to grabbing a TV dinner for one at the local supermarket and flying solo. They don’t expect to bump into their ex’s (Muse B) parents in the frozen food section nor do they expect to receive an invitation to spend the holidays at their cabin in the mountains. Muse A Honestly doesn’t think it’s a good idea to accept, but when Muse B’s parents insist that Muse B will be happy to see them, Muse A agrees to join. Muse A packs a bag and drives up the cabin the following afternoon, hopeful for a pleasant reunion with Muse B, whom they still have feelings for. Only when Muse B answers the door in stunned silence, it’s immediately clear that Muse A is the last person they expected to see on this family vacation. It doesn’t take long for Muse A and Muse B to realize that Muse B’s parents are scheming to get them back together. But will the parents’ efforts—paired with a romantic atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for cozying up by the fire—do the trick?
    8. muse a and muse b meet, and instantly hit it off. attracted to one another but knowing that nothing lasts forever, muse a proposes something to muse b: for one night, they’ll have the ultimate love affair / one night stand. a night full of romance, excitement, adventure, passion, and the sort of fantasy you read about in fairytales. after that, nothing. no contact information, probably never even seeing each other again. muse b accepts. after the night of passion is over, will their attraction to one another lead them together again, or will they only be left with memories?
    9. muse a and muse b are in love, but their families don’t approve of the match. desperate to be together, they do the unthinkable, and run away together, despite not being even out of high school yet, and having no money. trying to start a new life for themselves, as well as hide from their families, the two may have bitten off more than they can choose.
    10. muse a broke muse b’s heart six months ago, and now realizes it was the worst mistake they ever made. now, they just want muse b back. but muse b isn’t going to make things easy for them. can muse a convice muse b to take them back, or is the relationship a lost cause?
    11. muse a is the goody-goody type, and they’ve fallen hard for muse b, an older, rebellious delinquent. behind their parents’ backs, muse a dates muse b, sneaking out with them and finding themselves deeper and deeper in a “real” world they know nothing about. their relationship is a tempestuous one, but no matter how tense things get, they’ll never leave each other.
    12. Muse A, lost on a summer trip to Russia, takes photos of the streets she’s turning down so she can retrace her steps. She unwittingly captures Muse B killing somebody in the background of a picture and is too distracted to have even noticed him. He saw her though, and takes it upon himself to follow her. When he attempts to steal her phone to delete the pictures, Muse A catches him and he plays it off as having wanted to ask her out for coffee. He begins a romance with her, telling himself it’s just so he can make sure she doesn’t turn him in, but ends up falling for her. When she sees the picture again just before leaving for home, her entire perception of him is ruined and she must confront him about his life of crime or run in fear as fast as she can.
    13. Muse A has just moved to a new town and into an old house. They start to find it weird that no neighbors have come by to welcome them to the neighborhood, but don’t think much of it. While working in the yard, Muse A is approached by Muse B, who welcomes them to their new house and becomes a fast friend. They start spending time together, and soon enough, their friendship starts turning into more. Just as Muse A confesses their feelings for Muse B, Muse B reveals that they aren’t actually human. They’re the ghost of their former self, bound to the house that they use to own for the rest of eternity. Muse A has to decide if they can accept Muse B as who they really are and whether they want to remain in the house, or relocate.
    14. Most people don’t give Muse A enough credit. She’s a sassy diva who tends to be the center of attention wherever she goes, but people tend to think that because she’s trendy and popular, she’s a complete space cadet. Muse B has always been her biggest tormentor. Rich, pompous, and snarky, he’s always run in the same crowd with Muse A, and has always resented her for her ability to make and keep friends despite being such a diva. A typical asshole, he tries to cut her down any chance he gets, but when the two of them are voted Homecoming King and Queen, they’re forced to spend a lot more time together. Muse B starts to realize that Muse A is much more than she seems, and as they start getting closer, has to question whether he’s ready to compromise who he’s been all his life to better accommodate her.
    15. Muse A’s friend has been volunteering at the hospital for the past year and since they don’t drive, Muse A offers to give them a ride. On a few occasions, Muse A goes inside to wait for their friend to get off work. Generally uncomfortable in hospitals, Muse A is surprised to find out that Muse B, someone around the same age they struck up a conversation with in the waiting room, was actually a patient. In subsequent visits, Muse A gets to know Muse B better, and comes to admire them and how brave they are despite knowing their illness is terminal and will likely kill them. Muse A soon finds themselves visiting Muse B on days that their friend isn’t working, but one day, is told that something has happened to Muse B that puts the future of their relationship in jeopardy.
    *these plots are not owned by me.
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