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  1. Hello all! I've found that I am hitting a dry spell, and for those of you i'm currently rping with I deeply apologize. I am still looking for other partners to add to my list of friends, but I would like someone who could challenge me. I have a lot on my plate, and I tend to get very excited about roleplays. I would love to find some partners who would challenge me to lengthen and raise the quality of my posts. As far as plots go, I have old ones, but no new ones currently to offer. At this point, I am up for anything! I just have a few requirements:

    1. Romance is required. I find without it I get bored.
    2. I play female in mxf only parings.
    3. Please tell me your limits. I tend to have no cap for violence, sex, etc.
    4. I will rp with all age groups, but because of the nature of my usual rps, I would prefer my partners to be able to post in Libertine.
    5. If you have a character or a plot you've been itching to try, run it by me!
  2. What are your normal posts right now, I range between 3-6 paragraphs so I don't know if that is more or less than what you do now.
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  3. *Pick Me! Pick Me!* ( no pressure )
    I have two ideas in mind and one is fairly complex-
    Idea 1- Harry Potter fandom - if Tom riddle had kids. Totally up for romance here we can start with Tom and his lady lover if you'd like and then fast forward to their children at school. I'm used to playing a guy, I prefer playing a guy though for any extra characters I am up to playing girls as well if need be. If I have limits when it comes to violence or sex I haven't found them yet so I'm up for anything as well though when it comes to sex I like it kinky otherwise I get bored with the relationship. I have a few general wizarding world characters that need a home so I'll probably use them.

    Idea 2- The Misadventures of Bloody Jack (Mary "Jacky" Faber)
    Based on a particularly long book series I wont hold you to reading them, if your interested I'll give you a run through of what happened during the first few at least. Romance here would be mostly star-crossed. As sailing the ocean and war are very openly involved not to mention this would take place during the early 1800 before the telephone let alone cellphone. Violence wise, this girl, Jacky, gets thrown in the middle of two or three different wars and is repeatedly sentenced to death. Plenty of violence. Sex however doesn't happen. Close calls, yes, but the real deal doesn't happen till the very end of the very last book. I won't argue with you being the main character as she's the only consistent one and I'll be almost everyone else unless you'd like to chime in.
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  4. My posts vary. I tend to match what I'm given so that's great!
  5. Well I got a large list of ideas if your interested unless you have something you wanna do.

  6. While I love meeting new people and I am game for doing an rp with you I know neither of those.
  7. *mouth drops open* you don't know Harry Potter?? Bloody jack I understand, it's not the most popular book, but you've at least heard about the Harry Potter series, right? Anywho, whichever interests you more I'm fine with doing. I'm not one much for a real plot, I like to wing it but whichever you chose we can work the basics out through pm. Also my post sizes vary depending on what's going on in the real world here. The more free time I have the longer and more detailed my posts will be, though I don't usualy get over 4 paragraphs (not including dialouge) unless I'm trying to explain a concept within the post
  8. I'm definitely interested! Pm me!
  9. I have heard of it, but I never really got into it. lol
  10. so which would you like to do?
  11. Neither of those really. I don't like doing fandoms unless I know what I am doing, but I am willing to do an original plot. :)
  12. well i dont have any of those at the moment...
  13. well, if you want to try something else just let me know!
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  14. I would love to role play with you! Do you have any ideas?
  15. None currently but i'm happy to rp with you!
  16. Cool! My messages currently are not working, do you think you could make a thread?
  17. What's wrong with your messages? :0
  18. I have no idea, they're just not showing up.
  19. Huh. Weird. Want me to make a group for me and you so we can chat privately?
  20. Yea, that would be nice, if you don't mind.
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