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  1. Hey! Welcome to my request thread! I'd like to find some more people to RP with since i just came back after being MIA for awhile (computer problems) I solved that so i should be good now! Anywho blabbing aside since this is a request forum and not a life story one. OH! also before i forget... I like to use anthro characters (Because humans are boring) For those that don't know what those are then I'll find a picture of one real quick if you ask. I also like to play Futas >.>

    I'm looking for a females to RP with! So I'll start listing some types... open to suggestions also!
    I'm not very picky with partners but please no chat speak in the RP. OOC is fine though.

    Types or RPs
    Medieval fantasy***
    Modern fantasy**
    Future Fantasy/space***
    F x Futa***
    Slave x Master*
    Demon x Angel*
    Sister x Sister*
    Sister x Brother*
    Best Friend x Best Friend**
    Cougar x Younger Adult*
    Harvest Moon***
    Rune Factory**********************
    VRMMORPG (really really REALLY!enjoy this with a creative partner)************

    (I'll add more as I think of them)

    * = like
    **=really like

    hm... I think i'm forgetting something... Like I said feel free to suggest stuff! I know I'm forgetting something... OH! I know what I'm forgetting... I'm more of a passive RP'er sooooo someone full of ideas is loved but I will chip in for ideas! so don't worry to much about me being completely passive and I'll always ask before I do something major in the story.

    I only RP through PMs... sorry if you were hoping to use a thread.Have any questions? PM me.

    I also ask that you at least reply once or more a day. I understand if you can't every now and then but I'd prefer more then once a day... If we are on during the same time or whatever x.x
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  2. Thank you for looking at my post and don't be shy. I'm willing to try new stuff... well to an extent :P
  3. Its been ages! would you want to do a f x futa rp?? ^-^
  4. Sure but I can't play a human futa... kinda creeps me out x.x
  5. Is love to do the demon x angel with you
  6. Sure! just PM me and we can work the details out there.
  7. That's fine ^-^ pm me and we can plan
  8. Still looking for more! <3
  9. Think you might be up for a f x futa rp? (I saw that you don't want to play a human one and that's totally fine.
  10. I'll be interested in the Space/Future RP if you're still looking
  11. HI! Yeah I'm looking for people still. PM me and we can talk about like... What type it will be and what snot XD
  12. HI! I'm down for that! PM me and we can discuss stoofs :P
  13. It's been awhile but I'm looking again!
  14. I'd be interested in a
    Best Friend x Best Friend we could possibly combine with the future fantasy or medieval fantasy one. o wo
  15. Sure just PM me and we can talk it over!
  16. Future Fantasy/space
    F x Futa
    Demon x angel
    Sister x Brother
    Best Friend x Best Friend
  17. future fantasy Futa x F
  18. :o who's gonna be the Futa?
  19. always me XD
  20. Aww o.o lol xD fine
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