Looking for some one on ones~!

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  1. I'm not new to onexone roleplays, but I'm new to them on this site so please... Be easy on me. c:
    So, ok, I mainly roelplay horror-gore type roleplays, or fandoms, but I'm really open to anything that isn't like... Highschool or stuff like that. I'm in highschool, it's not fun ok?
    I have a site, that is in my sig, that has all my info and stuff on it. I'm still trying to work out how to have everything on this site. 8D;

    EDIT; Click the photo in my sig for the site.
  2. Ooh, I saw you liked Yume Nikki, and I think that a RP with that would be interesting! However, even if the game is mostly up to interpretation, I honestly don't feel comfortable with playing canons, mainly because I always worry if I'm being OOC. Perhaps we could have another character with a dream world, and just go from there?