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  1. Hello, there!

    I just joined and am looking for some new roleplaying partners. Please read below and let me know if anything interests you!

    General Information

    I consider myself literate/advanced (multiple paragraphs per post) and am looking for similar. Good spelling, grammar, and creativity are all a must. I only do male-slash, and prefer roleplaying with someone who does not fade to black. I prefer romance in my roleplays, but it's never pre-established.


    There's a lot that interests me, so here are a few ideas:

    Medieval Fantasy
    I'd love a plot involving two kingdoms of mythical creatures (Elves? Faeries? Witches and Warlocks? Get creative!) at war with one another. Our characters meet somehow (on the battlefield or in a diplomatic mission, perhaps?) and we take it from there.

    Prince x Wizard
    One of our characters is a medieval prince; the other is a young wizard who possesses magical abilities. I've never seen Merlin but my understanding is it's sort of similar?

    Zombie x Human
    I never saw Warm Bodies, but the trailer really intrigued me. I'd love to play a zombie during a revolution of some kind, who meets a young member of the resistance.

    Superhero x Mortal
    I have a few superhero characters I'm interested in trying out. Yours is a mortal of some kind (maybe a writer interested in superheroes, but who thinks they're not real?).

    Superhero x Supervillian
    I don't have much of an idea for this, but it would be interesting to pair one of my lighter superhero characters with a particularly evil supervillain and seeing what happens.

    Boarding School for the Gifted
    Our characters are sent to a boarding school for kids with special abilities. They (eventually) fall for each other, but love at this school is forbidden as the students undergo their training.

    My character is a God who takes a liking to your character. This can take a lot of shapes, but I like the idea of something Greco-Roman (for instance, your character is a well-known soldier who catches the attention of Ares).

    Ancient Rome
    A fictional Emperor with a lot of, erm... peculiar habits... is looking for a new play-thing. His men bring him a cute boy with his own political ambitions. Yum, intrigue!

    Who says dudes can't be in distress? Your character is locked in a tower; mine comes to rescue him. That's just a very general idea, so let's do some plotting and see what we can come up with!

    Because I'm a secret perv (not really). FatherxSon and BrotherxBrother both interest me. One idea is for a highschool-aged boy to be sent to live with his college-aged brother for a little while.

    Star Wars
    It would take place during the newer trilogy, but preferably with original characters (or Obi Wan x Anakin). Let's see what cool adventures we can send them on!

    I'm not an expert of the fandom, but would love a HisagixIchigo pairing. Yum.

    High School
    One of our characters is a jock who's assigned to show the new kid around.

    I want to hear from you!

    If any of this sounds interesting, or if you have an idea you think I might like, then definitely post below or shoot me a PM! I'd love to get some great threads going on here.
  2. "Bleach
    I'm not an expert of the fandom, but would love a HisagixIchigo pairing. Yum."

    I'm down for thisone ;D
  3. Sup? I'm new here as well and I'm looking for RPs, I'm particularly interested in the PrincexWizard or the just plain Medieval fantasy. I'm a sucker for magic, however I'd also be open to one of the realistic RPs as I have select few of those. I look forward to hearing from you :3
  4. Hi there! Thanks for posting. PrincexWizard sounds great. Would you be willing to play the young wizard character? I think I'd be a lot better as the Prince. I have a character in mind who's dominant, aggressive, and pretty self-centered. His intentions might not be completely benevolent, as well. I can change his personality, of course, but that's my initial idea.
  5. Medieval fantasy is my love (and star-crossed lovers torn apart because of conflict out of their control are always fun), but if you don't mind, I'd also like to tackle the Superhero x Mortal scenario. I mean... it'll be like Lois Lane and Superman...'cept more awesome. x3 If you're only willing to do one scenario with me (and that's understandable!), which would you prefer? I am starting to toy with ideas for both. If you were inclined towards the medieval fantasy scenario, I must say I'm partially drawn to human characters (I consider humans who can use magic 'human' regardless of ability or whether that affects their aging rate or actual mortality >.>"). Nonetheless, I apologize if I'm jumping ahead of myself. *coughs*
  6. Hey there! Thanks so much for posting. I just started a few medieval fantasy roleplays, so why don't we start with superheroxmortal? And we can always start a second together if we want to later. Sound good?

    The superhero I really want to try is sort of an anti-hero; he does things for the greater good, but in doing so often breaks laws and uses questionable tactics - not because he's evil, but because it's more efficient XD He's a fire manipulator, for whom I haven't yet thought of an awesome superhero name XD His real name is Tanner Larson, though. I like the idea of him being a pretty normal guy in real life, and then at night becoming this badass hero guy.

    Your character is totally up to you, but like I wrote in the thread it would be sort of cool if he was interested in superheroes but assumed they were all fictional. Maybe he gets into trouble and my guy saves yours, or maybe he witnesses my guy saving someone else. So it's kind of a cross between SupermanxLois and SpidermanxMaryJane.

    What are your thoughts??
  7. Before I respond with things that interest me, what do you mean in general by fade to black? Do you mean you prefer going into details about sexual situations, or something totally different? I need to make sure before I show definitive interest.
  8. "Fading to black" means to end the scene before the sex happens. I don't do that; I think that a lot of character and relationship development occurs during those sorts of scenes (particularly the first few times). I don't do roleplays that are all about sex, but when it does happen, I prefer to play it out.
  9. Hello! Just wanted to say I got your PM and thanks for accepting my friend request. :) Would you be interested in doing the Family (BrotherxBrother, if that's alright) or Ancient Rome roleplay with me? They both sound intriguing, so whichever you would prefer.
  10. Hey there! Glad you found a few things that interest you. Why don't we start with the BrotherxBrother roleplay, if that's okay with you. I already have a few historical roleplays going, so this would be a refreshing change. Are you okay playing a younger brother sent to visit his older brother in college? I've been interested in trying out that scenario, but if you have something else in mind, I'm open to hearing it!
  11. [MENTION=4002]TickingTimebomb[/MENTION]: I rather like that idea. I shouldn't be allowed to make references to superheroes anyway, given how I've read little about them. *coughs* I'm still working out a name, but the general feel for this guy is that he's a journalist of some sort. Very rational, observant, and to be frank, bored with the current state of affairs (not for long, though...). Going along with your suggestion, he's the type that probably read comic books as a child yet thought nothing of them actually being real. If he happens upon a scene where it looks like Tanner is saving someone, he'll dismiss it as a hallucination induced by sleep deprivation. If he gets himself into trouble and is then saved by that very same someone who can't possibly have superpowers... well, that's where it gets fun, ne?
  12. That sounds great. Perhaps he first sees Tanner (still thinking of an awesome superhero name XD) rescuing someone else and assumes he's just drunk or whatever, but then he's getting saved himself and it's like... wait DX I do like the sound of that! We'll have to come up with ways for them to keep meeting, but it could be fun to see what we come up with!

    I assume this'll take place in a big city, one with lots of crime hehe. Hmm, is there anything else we need to discuss before jumping right in? I'm happy to start since I'll have to set up the scene for your character to witness, but is there anything left to sort out first?

    (ETA: Hey, I didn't know you could mention people! [MENTION=3992]Funyaripa[/MENTION]. Did that do it? XD)
  13. [MENTION=4002]TickingTimebomb[/MENTION]: I believe it did. ;3 I do think we seem to have everything in order, but if plot bunnies or other details we missed upon the start crop up, we can always talk about them later. And if you can tolerate roleplaying with me, if--in the future--if you find yourself hankering for either a god x mortal or...just about anything historical... let me know.
  14. [MENTION=4002]TickingTimebomb[/MENTION], No, younger brother visiting the older one in college is perfectly fine. ^_^ Is there anything else you would like me to know or want to discuss about the plot?
  15. @Funyaripa Okay great, I'll post my intro tonight or, more likely, tomorrow, and PM you a link once it's up. Oh, do you have any limits I should know about?

    And if we're compatible as roleplayers, then we can definitely start more threads! I'm hoping to get at least one each of all the genres I listed, so that would be great!

    @Michaelis Okay, that's fantastic! I figure my character will have his own apartment in the city near campus, so they can room together for as long as the younger brother is there for. I'll post an intro today or tomorrow and PM you a link once it's up.
  16. [MENTION=4002]TickingTimebomb[/MENTION]: Mmmm... what do you mean exactly by limits?
  17. Oh, haha... sorry, I've never encountered someone who didn't know what that meant before ^^; it basically means how far you can go with swearing, violence, and sex scenes.
  18. interested
  19. I like to god x mortal or the roman empire RP! Either of those sound super awesome to me 83
  20. ZombiexHuman or Fairytale. Take your pick. If you lead, I'll follow. ^^