Looking for some new RPs!

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  1. So I'm looking for some 1x1s, and I have a few ideas for some plots. My RP style usually consists of 2-3 paragraphs, and I will post at least twice a day. I can play a mix of both female and male, depending on the plot needs. I also prefer to involve romance in RPs, but I don't always have to. I am not 18, so I will be unable to do mature Adult roleplays, though the Teen ones I can do.

    Here are some ideas I have. If they're bolded, that means I have a plot in mind for it.
    TeacherxTeacher(with a side StudentxStudent)
    OutlawxSaloon Girl
    Bounty HunterxOutlaw
  2. King/Prince with a Knight catches my eye, definitely.

    I may have a plot somewhere in my folders actually. (When I think of something I type about it so I don't forget. Haha.)
    I remember typing about something like that a couple of weeks ago so yeah.

    I'd like to discuss some stuff like who plays who and such through PM's if you'll have me~
  3. Why hello there, I'm looking for an RP for this one character of mine and I saw you had things about outlaws and saloon girls and sheriffs and I'm guessing you mean in the wild west, which is where he comes from. I was wondering if you'd be willing to plot with me, though some random things are flying through my head already. Thanks for your time even if we don't RP and I wish you luck finding 1x1s :3
  4. Hey there! If you're interested in having me as a partner, I'd be interested in the noble(wo)man x adviser or the popstar x bodyguard. What plots did you have in mind for them? I'm personally leaning towards the noblewoman x adviser (I'm also assuming this is a medieval setting) simply because of the political intrigue associated with such a role. Thanks a lot for your time! :3
  5. Hello!
    If you haven't already chosen an RP partner, I would like to offer myself up for a few of your thoughts that have caught my eye. I like to paragraph post as well, filling as much detail in as I deem necessary (or what I think at the time). You are free to PM me if you're interested in sorting out a plot but here are the ones that I like:
    King/Prince x Knight
    Noble (wo)man x Advisor
    Superhero x Supervillian (Don't worry - I won't "god mod" any of my RPs)
    Thief x Cop
    Sheriff x Outlaw
    Outlaw x Saloon Girl
    Bounty Hunter x Outlaw

    Feel free to message me in the future if you need an RP partner, have a good one!