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  1. Heya! So, I'm pretty new to RPing - I've been on this site for about three months and I haven't had any experience prior to coming here.

    I'm open to someone from pretty much any experience level RPing with me, but I'd definitely prefer someone with a few years of experience to help me improve. Still, I think I'm a pretty capable writer, even if my experience in role playing with others is lacking.

    Sometimes I can post more frequently depending on how busy I am but generally I'll be able to make at least one post a day, and whilst my post lengths are typically 3 paragraphs and longer I'm perfectly capable of matching whatever post length you want to do. I'd preferably like to get someone who can post at least once a day as well, but I understand if you get busy and need to slow down sometimes. Just don't abandon me! ;_;

    I'm only looking to do MxM roleplays right now, and I don't really have any kind of solid plots I can post on here at the moment, but what I'm looking for is someone who's into the same sort of things as I am and who has plots of their own they want to try or wants to brainstorm some ideas with me. I'll add to this with any plots I come up with as I come up with them, though.

    I'm very much into pretty boys, basically. I like guys that aren't super masculine with beards and stuff and guys who look cute and/or attractive in a kinda androgynous/feminine way. They don't have to act that way, though. I'm not really a fan of stereotypes.
    I'm into cross dressing, so long as it's not considered degrading, besides that I'm not sure what to list, so you might just wanna ask me if I'll be into something, but I'll probably be fine with it unless it's extreme or involves noncon.
    I really won't do any kind of noncon or rape, so please don't ask. It can be part of the story or a character's backstory but I'm not going to RP it as a sexual scene because that's just awful and it upsets me.
    I'd like someone who doesn't want to confine themselves to the stereotypical uke/seme roles, since I find them kind of lame and unrealistic.

    I mostly like fantasy role-plays - be that traditional fantasy, modern fantasy or sci-fi. I find the idea of doing a plain modern setting a lot less interesting, but if the plot is interesting enough I might be persuaded to try it.

    Speaking of fantasy, I'm quite a fan of mythical creatures. Satyr, harpies, sirens, dryads, kitsune - that sort of thing. I'd love to RP as one, or RP with someone playing one, be it paired with a human or any other combination you might wanna do. However, I don't really like vampires or werewolves, sorry.

    I suppose it's worth mentioning that I'm also into kemonomimi (animal ears) if you want to do something like that, too.

    I also like demons a lot, so I'm always up for a Demon x Human RP as well. Really, though, any setting is fine if you've got an interesting enough plot or enough ideas to brainstorm one with me.

    Lastly, I'm looking for romance, not just straight-up smut. Obviously, I want sex to be involved otherwise I'd be posting this somewhere else, but I'm interested in it as part of an ongoing romantic plot.
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  2. Hm... a sci-fi demon plot could be interesting, actually. Would you like to give me a shot?
  3. id be happen to plan an RP with you just pm Me :3