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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a few more roleplays to add to my plate. All I ask is that one is patient with me at times, though I'm working on getting better with replies. Also, this is all MxM/yaoi.

    Anywho, onto the plots! Well, not plots, just undeveloped stuff.
    Bold is the part I prefer:
    Someone x Cross-dresser***
    Father x Son (It doesn't even have to be this, but I really want to explore a daddy kink...strange, I know)***
    Prostitute x Customer
    Prostitute x Mafia/Yakuza/Crime boss
    Alpha x Omega (could be mpreg)***
    Teacher x Student
    Dom x Sub (as in bdsm) relationship
    Sister's boyfriend x Her younger brother (only by about a year)***
    Brother x Brother
    Yandere x Normal (I wouldn't mind playing either)***
    Serial Killer x Detective/Police Officer (will play either)***
    Engaged Prince x Servant***
    Engaged Prince
    x Warrior
    Angel x Demon
    Dealer x Addict***
    x Pirate
    Homeless Boy x Rich Guy
    Demon x Priest (I'll play either)
    One night stand that leads to a pregnancy (It'd be mpreg, and I'd prefer to be the pregnant one)
    Neko/Inuboy x Owner***
    Also really want to play a blind boy!
    *** Means its a craving, haha.

    Seeing Double
    Twins separated at birth. One twin is a prostitute and the other orders him for some stress relief (perhaps from a strip club that offers those services) to meet in some ritzy hotel, and imagine their surprise when the prostitute shows up and they look a lot alike (they can also be fraternal twins if you prefer). How will their relationship develop from there? (I'd like to play the prostitute, please.)

    Love via Leash and Collar
    I want to try a legitimate BDSM dom/sub relationship. I'd like to be a sub that's just learning the ropes, and I want this to be a teensy bit more than just what goes on in the bedroom. I want the aftercare, rewards and punishments, the demanding dom in aspects outside if sex (how he should greet him when he gets home from work, what he should wear, etc), all of that. But I also think it could developed into a serious romance, where they actually love each other...

    To Lie in Wait
    So, character A, a secretly powerful vampire, is supposed to marry character B when he is of age, as agreed by character A and character B's parents when the boy was born. What happens when character B shows up as character A's student in his boarding school's grade 11 English class? Will he be able to wait to make a move on his fiancé, who doesn't yet know about the engagement? To make this clearer, character A is working at the boarding school to watch over his betrothed, but never expected to have him in his class, where he has to see and talk to him every day.

    So, yeah! If anyone's interested post below or, better yet, shoot me a PM.
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  2. I'm interested in the Sister's boyfriend x Younger brother one.
  3. I will be willing to play the alpha x omega RP with ya but only if it can be an exchange thing. Like ill play the dominant for you if you would be the dominate for my RPC submissive. Would you be willing to do that?
  4. I wouldn't mind trying
    engaged prince x warrior
    demon x priest
    dealer x addict

    if your willing to do another roleplay with me?
  5. AngelxDemon I prefer bottom please?
  6. Are you available for Yandere X Normal?

    I'd like to try something out of the ordinary of what I usually do.
  7. Well quite a few of the pairings look interesting and I'm not fussy so if there was one you really wanted to do? otherwise I'd probably like to try one of the incest pairings brotherxbrother or brotherxfather just cause I haven't done one before and I'd like to.
    I just particularly like yaoi I don't mind wither I'm dom or sub.
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