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Alright! I just got back from a little break of Roleplaying and I am so ready to get back into the swing of things! I love romance RP's. Although as it is, I do prefer my partners to be 18+, because with romance it can get a little... lets say, for lack of a better term, adult. I also prefer PM rping but working in a thread is just as good! Anyway, I have a couple plot ideas, but I do rely on my partners to help me deciding stories! And now, at last, I give you, plots! Also before you get to reading to far, these are MxF plots and I do play the F part.

Diner Dancing~
This is a 50's and 60's based roleplay. A girl spends a lot of her time at a small soda fountain in a small town. Ever since she started her Senior year of high school, she's been itching to get away from this place, but her family and her work keep her where she is. Summer is beginning and she is free to leave but has no means of escape. SO she stays and works, but one afternoon, a greaser boy rolls into town. They don't hit it off well, bumping into each other and arguing. The next day, said greaser boy comes into her work and gets to talking to her and about his travels. She is in complete awe at this boy who has been everywhere while she has been no where. She agrees to run away with him, no strings attached of course. But through their adventures and travels they fall in love. Maybe.

This one is kinda cliche. Sorry. An angel and a demon meet on the battle field known as New York City. Both collecting souls for their bosses. The angel is after Pure and the demon is after whatever he can get his hands on. They fight a little, but both decide to let the other live, thinking it is a kind action, but they are actually unable to kill each other. The begin to see each other more often, accidentally stumbling into each other. Slowly they begin to realize their love for each other and begin to meet in secret. The angel begins the painful process of becoming Fallen and cuts off all contact to her lover. Thus angering the demon and breaking his heart. He vows to seek revenge on the angel girl he loved but in a twist of events, standing over her, with sword against throat, he finds himself unable to finish the job. The angel then tells the demon what has begun to happen and he volunteers to take her in and take care of her during the ever painful process. Happily Ever After ensues, or does it?

The Witching Hour~
A lonely witch on the path of self destruction meets a mortal who knows nothing of the magic world but is on the same path as she. She vows to show him the wonders of her world if he vows to show her his. Throughout the adventures and tours they fall for each other. Unfourtunatly the laws that bind the witches species do not allow immortal/human interaction in any way. They are heart broken together, but meet in secret anyway. Until the Witch is outed and tossed into a prison. Years and years pass and her heart aches for her lover, as does his ache for her. She is released from her sentence and they are both much older. The witch thinks she'll never see anything of the man again but thanks him for saving her. On a foggy day in Chicago, the witch bumps in to a man. Him. She is overjoyed and heart broken at the same time. He's with is wife. And daughter. Witch flees. Man pursues. Decide from there.

Tough Love~
A lowlife street rat criminal has been slowly building up his skills. With each passing day he gets stronger, more agile, and smarter. He's learning and blending in. He is a master of wiggling into any role. He is level headed and strong, seemingly heartless, until she comes along. A mercenary herself she has been killing since she was old enough to be on her own. She made a good living from her contracted kills and earned top dollar pay. The male manages to land a contracted killing gig. And she is his target.

And those are just the specific ones. I also would like to try certain pairings, that of which I have not come up with an idea for.
Guard x Protectee
Prince x Commoner
Assassin x Target
Town Hero x Girl who doesn't think the town hero is really all that great, and honestly doesn't deserve the worshiping he receives from the people.
Forest Dweller x Travelling merchant she almost robbed then decided was kinda cute
Dragon Rider x Boy/ Girl afraid of heights

If anything you've seen interests you at all please leave a reply or PM me! I am flexible and open on all above plots and pairings! Thank you!
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