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  1. Okay everyone! I am back yet again to post another search! I apologize for my massive hiatus. I will take on partners of any type, but I would like to try to challenge myself. I would be up for rping too with someone who likes to write big descriptive posts. I want to push my boundaries. Like I said though, I will happily rp with anyone. I have been struggling a bit with college, but I am looking for a lot of rp partners to occupy my new found free time, so please feel free to browse. I have a lot of plots and genres awaiting for everyone. Don't be afraid to suggest! I am looking for some new genres to add to the list. If you see nothing you like, I love to try new stuff. First, I am listing my requirements so no one gets excited then halfway down you're all disappointed and stuff, so here they are.
    • MxF only
    • I prefer to play female
    • Romance is a REQUIREMENT
    • In animes, fandoms, and movies, I will only play oc x oc or oc x canon
    • Please tell me your age when you message me so that I know whether or not to make it mature if we rp on here.
    • I will rp over thread, pm, email, yahoo im, or Skype.
    Okay! So that part wasn't so painful now was it? Moving on to plots! I have four of them currently that are mine, trust me that is a lot of plots for me. I usually wing it in my rps, but these ones I have thought up plots for. Feel free to ask to alter any way you wish, and I will be more than willing to try to plot with somebody! Also suggestions are loved! I am always up for something new. They are in no particular order. If you have a plot you'd like to try please just pm me.
    • The first plot I wanted to feature is one that has a bit of a war like setting. There are two forces at each others throat in the magical realm. The darkness (for lack of a better name if you can do better please do) and the capital of Avalon (the magical realm). Now, the darkness is comprised up of creatures like Vampires, necromancers, shadow creatures, certain clans of wizards, other people who randomly decide to join this side, you get the point. The good side (if you can call it that), the capital, is comprised of creatures like elves, fairies, other clans of wizards, other random people who decide to join this side, you get the point. If there is a creature in question you wish to use, we will discuss it. The human realm is another realm separate from this, but portals randomly open to the human world and magical world. In the human realm, magical creatures have to hide. There are slayers there though, a special group who know about such creatures and seek to destroy them. Then in between the war is the half breeds. A half breed is considered anything that isn't a full blood of one species. They can be half and half of anything. They are seen as the lowest of the low by the magical community. They are often used as slaves. They know not what it is like to have a home or a bed to sleep in. To kill two birds with one stone, the capital decides to use them on the front lines of war to fight back the darkness for them and to get rid of the 'eyesores' to their 'perfect' community. Feel free to do with this what you wish.
    • The second plot was one that is set in medieval times. It is about a woman (my character) who is in a kingdom that is in the middle of a war with another kingdom. One night in the middle of a raid her town was ransacked and she wound up raped by an opposing side soldier. She winds up pregnant. Being in the time period that this is, she is shunned by everyone regardless of her story. She is stoned out of multiple towns and basically left alone to die off. So what happens when a knight swoops in and saves her? What happens to his reputation? What will become of the two? and how will the people react? Or the king? We could start either where she's found or after she's been taken home. We can also toss in another character for the knight if you'd like. Ex: a man of the town she's currently in, a prince, a knight, famous theif, or someone else you think might make an interesting pair.
    • The third plot is one that is more unusual than my first two. There's this girl (my character) who is a beautiful ballerina. She's kind, pretty smart, and can navigate a dance floor with precision and ease that is hardly matched. She's as graceful as a swan, but there's only one catch. She's blind. What happens when she meets someone new? I have no idea who to put her with, but I figured it could be an interesting scenario. Some examples I thought she could be paired with would be, another dancer, choreographer, friend of another dancer, or someone else you think might be interesting.
    • The fourth plot is one that is a little rough, but I have always had a huge soft spot for wizards. This one would focus on a wizard (your character) who is by himself for some reason. He could be shunned by people, or have a jaded past, or whatever you like. People's opinions on wizards can be whatever you want them to be. You have free roam, but what happens when a young woman notices how lonely he is and decides to try to befriend him? She comes every day, and even though he's annoyed to see her come, what happens when she suddenly stops? It could be medieval or modern. We could start when she finds him.
    Okay so I am fresh out of plots for right now. Next up is genres, but before I get into that, here are the things that under any circumstance I will NOT do.
    • Harry Potter
    • Neopets
    • Incest of any kind (including step-anything)
    • Nothing including threesomes, foursomes, etc.
    • Absolutely no HIGH SCHOOL!
    Alright, now that that's over, here's what I will do! Trust me it's a wide range. Feel free to suggest! I love suggestions! They're in no particular order.
    • Anthros
    • Nekos
    • Anime (please ask about which ones)
    • Fandoms (please ask about which ones)
    • Movies (please ask about which ones)
    • Some games (please ask I do play a lot of them both old ones dating back to the first spyro and crash bandicoot on playstation up to the more modern day Halo and even the mortal kombat series. One I thought might be interesting is Assassin's Creed.)
    • Fantasy
    • Modern
    • Real Life
    • Medieval
    • Some other era you want to try
    • Gifted
    Just to give people some ideas on some things since my listed ones are pretty wide ranges, below are some pairings I have enjoyed in the past.
    • maid x butler
    • maid x master
    • slave x master
    • indian x settler
    • indian x cowboy
    • indian x indian of opposing tribe
    • expecting mother x whoever
    • fallen angel x human
    • mermaid x human
    • mermaid x mermaid
    • princess x knight
    • princess x body guard
    • prince x peasant
    • Vampire x human
    • Vampire x slayer
    • Any combination of magical creatures
    • Any other odd pairing you can think up you get the idea
    You get the point. Just about anything you can put together I will do it. Now that I have typed this not once, but twice because my laptop decided to be a dickweasel and die, and my fingers are bleeding, please feel free to contact me! Please tell me your name, rank, favorite cereal, age, what you feel like telling me, whatever lol. My times I am usually on vary, but I do post frequent usually at least once a day unless internet is giving me issues. Thank you for reading all of this huge post!
  2. Hey, I like your plots, number 1, 2 and 4.
    send me a PM if you'd like to RP one of those with me :)
  3. I am interested in the mortal kombat idea, assassins creed idea, and the fallen angel x human idea. Which would you like the most
  4. Pm me and we can discuss. :)
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