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    Hello~ I am looking for some long term partners! I am not going to really talk about myself but you can go on my profile and look at my information because that's where I explained most of myself but I will talk about what kind of partners I want!
    (Sorry my grammar is shit)

    -Speed of light or close to that.
    -Aggressive (I tend to be passive)
    -Teen members but I'm fine with Adult members as well :)
    -I want someone who can have fun!
    -Someone I can talk to :)

    Now on to the one x ones and plots!

    I will be playing male role

    Bad girl x Bad boy
    Depressed girl x Blind boy
    Good girl x Bad boy
    Emo girl x Bad boy
    Emo/Scene girl x 'Popular' boy
    Tom girl x Shy boy
    Boss (girl) x Employee (boy)
    Bad girl x Mentally sick boy
    Ghost boy x girl
    Tall girl x Short boy (Plot below)

    I will be female role
    Oger king x Elf princess
    Shy girl x Bad boy
    Robot (boy) x Village girl (PM me for the plot)
    Tsudere x Athletic boy
    Shy girl x Popular guy
    Dancer x Athletic boy
    Best friends
    Ghost girl x Boy

    Tall expectations (2/5)
    Muse A and Muse B have been friends since they were kids cliche but as the years past Muse A feels like he never grows while Muse B towers over him. Even so they had their differences in height that never stopped Muse A from being in love with Muse B since day one but once college hit Muse A still hasn't confessed his never dying love for his long legged friend while she has a boyfriend that is everything he isn't, tall. Though what if he builds up the courage to ask her out.. what if her boyfriend cheated on her and she goes out with Muse A cause she felt lonely? What if they had a one night stand?
    (We will need to fix this up a bit but I promise you'll love it ;) )


    (I am willing to play male or female in this but I would like to be Muse A either way)
    Don’t Forget Me (amnesia element) (5/5)
    Muse A
    is on their way home late one evening, driving along a quiet back road. A deer jumps in front of their vehicle, and startled, Muse A swerves sharply to avoid a collision with the animal. The car spins out of their control and causes them to crash, knocking Muse A unconscious. It takes nearly forty-five minutes for Muse B, a passerby (or first responder), to arrive on the scene. They immediately aid muse A, whose injuries are quite critical. Thankfully the quick actions of Muse B allow Muse A to be transported to the nearest hospital and stabilized, where they begin the long, slow road to recovery. Muse B continues on with their day to day life, but constantly thinks of Muse A and wonders how they are doing. Muse A recalls nothing of the accident, and tragically, absolutely nothing about their life up to this point (including their significant other), the head trauma endured in the crash having caused amnesia. When Muse A is removed from ICU, Muse B visits them in the hospital. Muse B is stunned and heartbroken when the nurse informs them that Muse A will have no idea who they are, but they still come forward to reintroduce themselves to Muse A.
    Will Muse B back off upon discovering Muse A is spoken for?
    Will Muse A eventually recall their memories?
    Will a relationship develop between the savior and the saved?
    Optional:Muse C is Muse A’s significant other, who’s trying to help Muse A remember their relationship


    (Willing to play muse B but I will be male either way)
    Aged to Perfection (3/5)
    Muse A
    (barely out of college) meets Muse B (several years their senior) by chance when they jump into the same cab together during the morning rush. They quickly decide to share the cab and engage in small talk on the way to their destinations, which happen to be on the same side of town. Conversation flows easily and there is a definite physical attraction between the two strangers. When the ride is over for Muse A, Muse B generously offers to pay the whole fare. In exchange and somewhat on a whim, Muse A offers Muse B their phone number and the pair make plans to meet up sometime soon.
    Despite their age difference, Muse A and Muse B have a whirlwind courtship. They laugh over the things they don’t have in common and eagerly introduce each other to what’s popular for their generation: Atari vs PS4, Vinyls vs MP3. They spend every possible moment they can spare with one another. After several weeks, Muse A and Muse B make their relationship official. Muse A invites Muse B to a special dinner at which Muse B will be introduced to Muse A’s parents. When Muse B arrives and Muse A’s mother/father turns around to greet them, they’re stunned to come face-to-face with their same-age business associate/boss.

    If you have any questions, Ideas or plots then PM me or comment to this thread!
    If you want to role-play any of these PM me or comment to this thread!​
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  3. I like the sound of "Don't Forget Me" with good girl x bad boy!
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  5. still looking
  6. I'm interested in the physically sick boy and mentally sick girl if you're interested!! I have a twist to it though, but technically for the guy part. I'll tell you about it in the pm and stuff! Also I really like the Great Gattsby gif, I loved his intro in the movie :'D
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