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  1. I'm posting this for my RP project coming up the OC Catalog. This project will extend across Deviantart, Zetaboards, and a WIX (of my own handling). Why I'm posting this? Because I currently need staff members. ^.^ and i'm looking for quite a few actually. But first I should explain the premise behind this roleplay.

    First off, OC meaning, ORIGINAL CHARACTERS only, will populate a World that is locked in three time periods called ERAs, next, FANTASY ONLY meaning we're only doing medieval modern and future fantasy style characters. Also our world is completely Original as well. We're replacing technology with a crazy mash up of magic and steam - punk. What unique about this site is no account will be turned down, and no approval will be needed to role-play, and can bring whatever Original ideas they want into our world, in essence our members are building our world for us. However, of course the staff will still be monitoring and organizing things in the back ground still.

    So what do I need from here. I am posting this advertisement for staff in various locations across the web in my hunt for Staff to help me and my Co Admin out. But before we get to that I need to state a few general requirements.

    x. You need to be of 18 years or older, we are a rated R roleplay meaning blood gore and violence, and sexual themes are okay on our site.
    x. We prefer you to have SKYPE for messaging back and forth with the rest of the staff. Though this is not required if you do not have SKYPE you may miss out on some of our group meetings.
    x. Obviously being a roleplayer, or having experience in roleplaying is also something to have, but again not necessary.
    x. Knowing the functions of Zetaboards, and Deviantart coding is a must! You need not know the CCS stuff for Zetaboards skinning stuff, but how their BBCode threads work is a must. Also I myself am horrible and making Deviantart posts look nice (formatting them linking them etc etc) and I would Like the DA group to look nice and not have to worry about it going dis array. So if you are applying for a DA Staff position within the group this is a MUST!
    x. ACTIVE! I know no one is online all the time we all have lives with either jobs or school or what have you, but this is going to be a pretty active and thriving site we think. So we would like you to be as active as possible, but we're also looking for about ten members of staff sooo between all of us we should keep everything covered.
    x. All staff members will be in charge of keeping their eyes out for rule breaking, but our rules are very simple to follow and even easier to notice when their broken. Punishment is only to be handed out by Nyx of Sol (me)
    x. If you plan to become staff PLEASE you need to be come as familiar with the information already found on the site~! Sol (me) has put ALOT of effort into getting this site up and going and the skin was a royal... yeah.... ahem anyways. So some dedication to the site would be nice!
    x. Finally For any artist position applied form please send examples of at LEAST 1 and NO MORE than 3 pieces of artwork to Andi-Lyn 's private message note thing here on DA.

    IF YOUR INTERESTED PLEASE CHECK OUT THE SITE AND THEN READ THE LIST BELOW TO SEE WHAT WE'RE IN NEED OF FOR STAFF. Please understand the site is still a WIP and as such is unfinished product.

    OKAY now what we're looking for.

    Guardian Position - (2) One will be for proofing /editorial help around the Sites OFFICIAL THREAD INFORMATION ONLY. Going through and making sure we don't have any horrible mess ups. Other Guardian Position will assist Nyxieos in reviewing Character Applications as they come in.

    DA STAFF: (3 positions available) Helping me run / organize / transfer information between the Group and the Forum. We're planning on holding contests, and all sorts of fun stuff on the Group page here on DA, as well as the CATALOG itself which will home a ton of OC profiles. You're not required to have ART examples for this position either.

    SHOPKEEPER: You MUST have art examples for this position. Only ONE position available for now. As shop keeper your job will be to come up with images (tiny icons ) for our shop, of course you will also have the most influence in FOUND OBJECTS within our world. Sol (Me) will be also trying to make some images for the site.

    SITE ILLUSTRATORS: (5) Anyone wanting to help Sol (me) Work on World art, icons and character art commissions when the site officially opens. We'll be hosted within the DA Group for contact purposes for our members, though Notes is how we're going to be commissioned by our members, when we receive a note from the group member you will work with them to make some art for their character. Of course not every Site Illustrator has to be a DA Group commissioner either but it's just a way we're hoping to promote our group and make some really interesting side comics and other fun stuff.

    ADVERTISEMENTS: This job has no cap and will always be open. Staff who perform well under this job title will gain extra prizes and things as more members join. All they really need to do is place advertisements, promote the site, or tell friends. Any form of advertisement can get you this job title.

    RET! (5) Random Encounters Team : For all your random monsters and encounters. Members of the RET must be active and have lots of fun ideas. As RET you get the added benefit of getting to upload things more quickly into our world. And you get to wreak havoc on the world of Synka too! Course you can't go overboard and you can't auto-kill members but you can definitely give them a good battle.

    SORRY for the wall of text ^.^ Now if your interested in any positions please post here. ^.^ Or send me a quick note! And thank you so, so much for reading all this lol.
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