looking for some fun rp buddys

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  1. 1) No one liners I can’t really do anything with these.
    2) I want to be friends with you I would really like us to have conversations become friends.
    3) If you don’t like the rp no problems just tell me and I will leave you alone.
    4) Romance is a must in all my rps other than that I am open to all and any ideas
    5) I play males in all the rps and I do m/f or mxm
    also for my fandoms I only do ocxoc

    Now to the roles I would like to do I will bold the roles I want but I am always open to changing sides

    Prince or kingxbodyguard
    Best friendxbest friend
    mental paientx
    foster kids

    Here are some fandoms

    Dragon ball z
    Dc universe
    Elder scrolls universe
    Dragon age
    Mass effect
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  2. Ooh the Pokemon is so tempting x-x
    Can we do that? ouo
  3. I can most definitely be interested in doing the Prince/King x Bodyguard one. Or Best Friend x Best Friend.
  4. MxM
    Best friend x Bestfriend

    That would be right up my alley. Although I will warn you, I have a hard time going plotless I'll probably develop one during the roleplay.
  5. sorry guys I have been busy will be pmming you all again forgive me for the tardiness of my late replays.
  6. I'm interested in the brotherxsister/brother rp.
  7. I'm interested in the brotherxsister/brother roleplay. Is that still open?
  8. Ooh Naruto or prince / King x bodyguard. I would love to do either one with you! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.