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Hi there! First off, I'm new to the site but not new to rp. My normal posting size is between two or three medium sized paragraphs (each paragraph containing 5-6 sentences) and three to four smaller paragraphs. (containing 4-5 sentences each)

I don't have any set plots right now but I do have a few characters that I would love to drop into some rps. I'll post more information on them once I figure out the character albums on the site. (Bare with me folks!)

When it comes to plots I love horror and dark fantasy. I'm not that good with historical rps but if you really want to try I'll do my best! I love zombies and asylums, anything with a chance of violence and gore! However, I also like some lighter side superhero/villain rps as well as college/school rps. I can roll with just about anything as long as there's good communication between me and my partner!

Anime! I absolutely love anime! At the moment I am obsessed with My Hero Academia and would be very excited if someone out there would like to play Bakugo, Deku, or Iida to my Todoroki! Here's hoping for some MHA fans being out there!

I'm also into:
Black butler (Though I haven't gotten past book five >.< I know I'm horrible)
One Punch Man (Sonic's my fave!)
Katekyō Hitman Reborn! (Hibari and Dino are my favorite pairing!)
Tokyo Ghoul (I would love to put an oc into a TG rp)

I'm sure there's more anime's but those are my top faves for the moment >.< I'll update if I remember/find anything else. But I'd love to hear your favorites! I'm always up for something else to stick my nose into.​