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  1. Hi, there! Nice to meet you! I'm looking for a few one-on-one role play partners. I'm flexible with writing length, and I like lots of different genres.

    Below is some information about my preferences. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

    Length: Anywhere from three or four sentences to three or four paragraphs

    Mediums: Threads, posts, PMs, conversations

    Genres I Like: Modern Day, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Medieval, Some Romance, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural

    Genres I Don't Like: Slice of Life, Smut, School/Academy

    Plot Ideas: Below are a few ideas I had for plots. The roles I'd prefer to play are [bracketed and bold], but I'm fine with switching and I'm always open to other story ideas (if nothing is bold, I'd love to play either one). Don't be shy!

    "Beneath the Hood"
    [Werewolf] x Hunter
    Character A, a werewolf (or other nonhuman), finds themself lost and ends up in a human setting. After doing their best to blend in, they run into Character B and become friends. Over the course of time, Character A learns that Character B hunts (or extremely dislikes) Character A's species. Can Character A keep up the charade, or will they be found out?

    "But He's a Blue!"
    [Team] x Team
    Character A and Character B are each on opposing teams of explorers that claim territory for their land at any cost - even killing members of the other team to expand their borders. Both teams keep secrets, and no one knows who the "good guys" really are. On one expedition, Character A encounters a major obstacle and is incapacitated, left at Character B's mercy. What happens next?

    "Footprints Don't Look That Way"
    Detective x Tagalong
    Character A is a seasoned detective who's seen many a case. One fateful day, they inadvertently rescue Character B while working on one of these cases. In one form or another, Character B needs a place to stay or won't leave Character A's side, so the detective begrudgingly lets them into their home. It later turns out that Character B is a bigger part of the detective's case than previously thought . . . ​
  2. Hey there! I'd certainly be interested in a role play with you. Love your idea for the detective x tagalong especially.
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  3. Super! Do you have any preference as to where you'd like to role-play (in comments, PMs, threads, etc.), which role you'd like, and what kind of setting you'd like? ^^
  4. I am also interested in something like this. I kinda like the "But He's a Blue!" Scenario.
  5. Cool, great to hear from you! Go ahead and send me a PM, conversation, thread, etc. and we can work out the plot details :D
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