looking for some Female partners.

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  1. I've got a few ideas on what i'd like to RP. I've been wanting these for awhile now, i figured that i should cast a hook out and see if anyone bites. I've got more ideas, but i can't think of em. I'll add them as i remember, Also i'll line out the ones that have been taken. If you have an idea Pm me, i'll let you know if i want to try it. If you want to try something i have listed here PM me or comment, i keep eyes on everything.

    the normal rules apply. over 18, good Grammar and Punctuation, a few paragraphs 3-5 would be cool, don't drop this like a hot patote please. Post at least once a day if you can, if i don't hear anything after a week or two i'll drop it, but i will try to get ahold of you first.

    i RP guys, that's pretty much it. i can't get into a female mind set. So please don't ask me to do so. Also, no MxM, I've got one going on and i'm good with that.

    My preferred role will be in blue text
    All settings can have details worked out later, i wont touch hardcore kinks, like bathroom play or public humiliation or stuff like that.

    Genres: i'm good with almost any kind, Fantasy, modern, sci-fi, ect

    Parings <- there can be combos of parings, like a Furry/jock X human/nerd.
    Furry x human.
    Jock X nerd
    x werewolf
    Demon x human
    Angel x human
    Native or Tribal X explorer
    Knight X queen
    Fairy X human
    Warrior x mage
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Master/Mistress X Slave
    Student x teacher
    Younger man X older woman
    Neko X Human
    Pet (Furry) X Owner
    Blackmailer X Victim
    Biker X person
    Taller woman X normal guy
    Strong woman X weak guy

    Fan stuff

    Mortal Kombat
    Sheeva X OC <- general idea, Sheeva fights mortal, one of them wins but doesn't kill the other. either falls for them or takes them as a trophy. Maybe we could do a alternate reality, Sheeva is a new neighbor, meets MC and they hit it off. Kinda like a Slice of life.

    Mass effect
    Pretty much any kind of FxM paring will do.

    OC X OC <- Few ideas for plot
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  2. I would love to RP with you ^^

    (Also quick question do you like Resident Evil? If yes would you be interested in doing a RP?)
  3. Hmmmm... that depends on what you have in mind. But yes i do like the RE series
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  4. ^-^ I'm looking to do a RP set after RE6 involving Leon and a female oc operative I've created. She is a clone of Ada but she has no memory of him and total different personality.
  5. it could be nice, PM me the CS and we can talk details
  6. Will do ^^
  7. updated with some extra pairing ideas :P
  8. I'm interested!!
  9. Ok, in what? I need details here. lol
  10. Queen and knight if that's still open?
  11. Sure, Pm me and we can talk details
  12. Are you still looking for a partner for this?
  13. Are you still looking?

    I am interested in a Native x Explorer role play. Sounds fun.
  14. SURE! both of you pm me!
  15. I'll Rp with you
  16. I would be interested in fairy/human or furry/human.
  17. did a update to the list YAY!
  18. Okay, well PM me and we can talk about ideas!
  19. still on the lookout, if you have any ideas you want to try then let me know!