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  1. Update: Not currently looking for partners thanks to an increase in school work and the mass amount of people that have messaged me thus far for roleplays.
    My Requirements (open)
    -I prefer partners to post at least once a day unless I am other wise told about a trip you are taking, work, or school. In other words, a valid reason.

    -You must post at least three paragraphs per character, though more is preferred.

    -Please have good grammar. This will be adept or advanced, so you know how you should be as far as grammar.

    -If I don't think you can handle the grammar and length requirements, I'm not afraid to turn you down, so if I look up your posts from other rps you better give me a good excuse as to why they aren't up to adept/advanced par or I might just turn you down.

    -I am looking for a male, but some plots will be a double up or play multiple characters. So if you wish to play a female as well look for those plots or pairings. They will be marked with a * beside them.

    -I can pretty much do libertine with any of these plots or idea, but I will only do libertine with you if you are 18+, as stated in the rules given by Iwaku. If you are 18+ and wish to do a rp as libertine, be sure to let me know when you pm me.

    If you are interested in anything on here, PLEASE PM ME. I will not answer to posts on this thread. So don't get all annoyed if I completely ignore you and keep posting 'still looking' under a post you have made and didn't answer your comments. I have no sympathy for people who don't read my rules.

    -I may add more rules as time goes on. We'll see.


    Pairings (open)
    You'll find that most of these can be turned into a double up, so I won't put a * next to all of them XD Just request it to me and we might be able figure something out.

    VillainxHero's Sister
    VillainxHero's Daugher
    Hero or VillainxNormal Person

    BoyfriendxPregnant Ex-Girlfriend
    BoyxGirl Raising Her Younger Sibling
    GirlxBoy Raising His Younger Sibling
    BoyxGirl Raising A Kid By Herself
    PrincessxPrince (arranged marriage)
    PrincessxKing(arranged marriage)
    PrincessxPrince(warring kingdoms/secret relationship type rp)
    PrincessxPrince(enslaved princess)
    PrincessxKing(enslaved princess)


    Fandoms (open)
    As stated in my requirements, the ones with a * I would be willing to double up in.

    How to Train Your Dragon
    Wreck it Ralph
    Home (the animated movie)*
    Humanized Finding Nemo
    Modern Jungle Book
    Genderbent Pocahontas*
    Pokemon* (really craving this!)

    Edit: Dear God there's a lot of people looking for Pokemon Rps. XD Thanks for all the enthusiasm but with such a many number of you requesting it I'm going to have to turn down any future offers for Pokemon rps. Might take more later on but until you see that Pokemon is no longer crossed off, please refain from messaging with interest to a Pokemon rp. Thanks :)



    Don't Let Her Go (arranged/forced marriage rp) (open)

    This is a modern day plot and more of a forced marriage rather than an arranged marriage. Basically it would be a young woman goes into a country she is unfamiliar with to do some work at a big company for one reason or another. She was permitted to stay within this country for six months and so far has spent a few weeks there by now to the point she is getting the hang of things and getting to know people in her department. And apparently, more than just the people in her department have taken notice to her. None other than the heir to the company himself, who has been working to take control of the company from his grandfather, has noticed the young woman and secretly taken a liking to her, coming down to her department under the excuse of doing something else, only to watch her as she works and even getting jealous when any of the other males gets near her. Finally, the grandfather of the young man states he has seen the young man do well within the company and has decided to finally hand over the company to him, on one condition; the young man must get married first, that way the grandfather knows the young man plans to keep their bloodline going so the company will stay in their name. Thanks to this, wheels begin to turn in the young man's head and he comes up with the devious plot to get his wife, whether she's willing or not. He creates a plan and hires a fake 'government figure' to pay a visit to the company. The young man calls the girl into his office and there the 'government figure' tells her that her time here permitted has ended, claiming she was only supposed to stay for six weeks and not six months. Thinking this is a huge misunderstanding, she quickly goes to her work desk to get her papers, only to discover them mysteriously gone. Unable to prove her right to be there, she is stuck with no other choice but to prepare to leave the country.

    From there, the young man would do one of two things:
    He would either act all helpful by saying he has found some papers to extend her stay since she is such a good worker in the company and all she has to do is sign them to be able to stay longer. Excitedly she would sign them without even thinking to read them over, unknowing to her that they are actually marriage papers he has tricked her into signing.
    Or, from there he would just come right out and give her the option to marry him in order to stay in the country, telling her how much it would benefit the two seeing as he would get his company and she would be able to stay and continue her work. She would agree, thinking it would just be a 'on paper' marriage, when in reality what he wants is the real thing.
    Either way, lots of dramatic and comedic stuff would happy. This is basically a romantic/dramatic comedy. I REALLY want to try this plot out X3

    Ballet and Capes* (open)
    This is a superheroxvillian plot and will be an rp with a mix of romance and sexual tension because we'll be rping two sides of the story. Saying that, I would perfer this one to be libertine, but then again its not a requirement at the same time. XD One side of the rp will be the relationship between the two characters when they are just their normal everyday personas, and the other side of the rp will be us rping them when they are their 'super' personas where they have no idea who the other's secret identity is (at first anyway).

    The way I saw the fighting go between these two characters was it was a lot like a dance more than sheer strength vs strength that a lot of superhero fights end up being. And that gave me the idea to make my character's normal persona a young college girl who does Ballet. I figure the male character could be someone who does dance as well (doesn't have to be ballet per say, but could be another form of dance), which makes it so where as other people can't keep up with her fighting style, he can because he too is a dancer.

    We can discuss more details over pm if you are interested in this one.


    Anyways, thats it for now. PM me if you are interested.
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  2. Edited to add in a plot I forgot. :) So if you've read this interest check before be sure to check out the new plot.
  3. Still looking. Really in the mood for Pokémon.
  4. Still looking. Recently updated. Took out a few plots and pairings I wasn't really interested in anymore or had someone to do said plot or pairing with already. REALLY INTERESTED POKEMON RPS. Pm if you are interested in anything
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