looking for some 1x1 rps



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Hello, once again I'm looking for roleplays, I'm not very picky at all except for when it comes to rping fandoms. There will be no Cannon X OC I hate those.

Side Note: When it comes to yaoi I mostly play Seme because lets face it, most people prefer to be Uke...and while I will be playing Seme, that doesn't mean I will all the time...sometimes I'm going to be in a mood to be the Uke...

My rules

I'm not too picky on what I want in an rp...if you have bad grammar it's fine. I have a friend who can't spell worth crap and I have to decipher her texts most of the time. You are cool. (^U^)(^U^)

Post length is not a problem, I have a tendency to post one liners and 2-3 sentences or more to a paragraph. A paragraph should suffice. Two para is fine, anymore...and I'll feel like I'm not worth rping with because I'll feel like I have to match your reply and I know I most likely won't be able to.

I'm cool with just about anything, Mpreg and what have you.

I would prefer if you replied at least once or twice a day especially if you really like said rp.

Say, if we haven't rped with in two weeks I will delete our rp, I would prefer if you said you weren't interested instead of leaving me hanging.

I am on all day Monday-Thursday and when it comes to Friday-Sunday I work for five hours a day so replies will be later on that night.

The one thing I've been really in the mood for as of late is a zombie apocalypse, this can be either in fandoms or Original character. The fandoms I would prefer this to be in are Ed, Edd, N' Eddy, South Park, and the pairing HiJack, I could see this going on in an IZ rp too quite possibly.

Bold means that I want to be. If both are bold then we can figure out who we want to play.

Kenny X Butters
Stan X Kyle
Cartman X Kyle
Kenny X Kyle
Kenny X Craig
Craig X Tweek
Stan X Kenny
Christoph X Gregory
Craig X Stan
Pete X Michael

INVADER ZIM (Willing to rp OC's in this fandom but only if it's OC x OC)
Dib X Zim
Dib X Keef
Zim X Keef
Red X Purple
Irken X Irken (M X M) (M X F)
Irken X Vortian (M X M) (M X F)
Vortian X Vortian (M X M) (M X F)

Johnny X Todd (Older Todd obviously)
Todd X Pepito

Tuffnut X Hiccup
Hiccup X Ruffnut
Daggur X Hiccup
Toothless X Hiccup

Numbah 4 X Numbah 3

Soul X Maka
Soul X Kid
Kid X Maka
Kid X Crona (Male)

Arnold X Helga

Zoro X Luffy
Zoro X Sanji
Sanji X Luffy

Shawn X Lassiter

Kevin X Edd
Rolf X Ed (Most likely the only one who likes this pairing)

Beastboy X Raven
Robin X Beastboy

Tohru X Kyo

Hiccup X Jack
Dib X Lilo


ORIGINAL PAIRINGS (We can combine certain pairings if you prefer)

And again, Bold means I can play and if both in a pairing are bold I'm sure we can work something out!
Green means I'm craving it

Neko X Vampire (M X M or M X F)
Neko X Werewolf (M X M or M X F)
Neko X Human (M X M or M X F)
Neko X Demon (M X M or M X F)
Neko X Neko (M X M or M X F)

Vampire X Newborn Vamp (M X M or M X F)
Vampire X Werewolf (M X M or M X F)
Vampire X Demon (M X M or M X F)
Vampire X Human (M X or M X F)

Jock X Nerd (M X M or M X F)
Jock X Goth (M X M or M X F)
Goth X Nerd (M X M or M X F)
Goth X Goth (M X M or M X F)
Nerd X Nerd (M X M or M X F)
Good boy X Bad boy (M X M)
Friend X Friend (M X M)
Brother X Brother (M X M)

Prince X Prince (M X M)
Prince X Servant (M X M)
Prince X Knight (M X M)
Prince X Demon (M X M)

Demon X Human (M X M)
Demon X Angel (M X M or M X F)
Demon X Demon (M X M)
Angel X Angel (M X M or M X F)
Angel X Human (M X M or M X F)

Rick X Poor (M X M or M X F)
Alien X Human (M X M)
Zombie X Human (M X M or M X F)
Master X Slave (M X M)
Stalker X Obsession (M X M or M X F)

Servant X Servant (M X M or M X F)
Groom X Best Man (M X M)
Boyfriend X Girlfriend's Brother (M X M)

May be more, if you have another pairing you want to do that's on on this list then tell me and I'll see if I want to rp it.

Other note, I mainly rp via PM...it may take convincing if you want thread, it just find them easier to lose...

IMPORTANT: None of this whole leaving the conversation and dropping the rp without telling me...if you lose interest I want to know! Drop me a PM "Hey I don't want to rp anymore." Or "Your a shit rper" Or some crap like that...probably not the last one but you catch my drift right? lol...

Communication is key here dude, and if you don't want to rp with me anymore you should just flat out say it...I may be sad if I really liked the rp but at least I know how you felt about it.


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Hi! I'd be interested in jock /nerd if you'd still be interested.


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Hello, I'm interested in a Neko x Neko (MxM) roleplay.