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  1. Heyoo I'm mahigan and I'm looking for RP partners again. Since I'm getting busier it makes it hard to participate in group RPs, so I'm looking for people to do 1x1s with.

    Reply rate? One week, two weeks, three weeks - all fine with me. I'm not the most active person here either. I'd like it if we stuck to one or two weeks though. That doesn't stop you or me from replying every day or so - some days I'll just get a sudden surge of energy.

    I love drama and adventure RPs. I've barely dabbled in romance so smut and the like are things you probably won't get from me.

    I'd like ideally like one short paragraph but I'm totally fine with sentences too. I'm really easy-going (or so I like to think) and I'm not a stickler for detail. I'm pretty passive in roleplaying but I love to discuss plot.

    Things I'd like to RP:
    Things in bold I'm really interested in.

    -Elder Scrolls Universe
    >Dragonborn[YC] x OC[MC]
    >OC x OC
    Would love to do something based in Morrowind but you'd have to let me read through more lore first. Unless you're fine with me playing a totally clueless character (foreigner, w/e) and you introducing me to the world.

    -Final Fantasy (Crystal Chronicles)
    >Miasma! Caravanner x Caravanner.
    >Echoes of Time. Though I'm not quite sure what kind of plot line we could do. I don't really want to RP the main quest line but I am in love with the world.

    -A Fallout-esque type of setting

    -Personification of Death meets contracted human (Parody)
    >I've done this RP twice and both times it's died out before we really got anywhere. :X
    The basic gist of this is would be:
    A death agent is sent to reap a human's soul.
    For some divine reason it fails and the human absorbs the death agent's powers, effectively swapping their roles.
    While the death agent tries to ease the human into their new job, they must deal with other various problems such as...
    Possible chance for romance.

    >Mapmaker x OC
    I'll be playing as an aspiring new map-maker looking to remap every single region (that way you can choose which region you want to play in).

    -Stuck in space (Sci-fi)
    >OC x OC
    Waking up out of cyrosleep, we find out that we are the only two astronauts left on board. Stranded in space, we have to find a way to get to the ship's head and make our way back home.

    -Cursed village
    >OC x OC
    You arrive at *name of town* to investigate rumours of strange and supernatural events.

    I'll add and expand on this post in the morning but if you're interested, let me know via PM or reply on this thread. :)
  2. I would love to RP with you! I'm currently planning a move to korea and finishing my last term in school, so my schedule isn't allowing for daily posting.

    Did you still want to do a pokemon rp?
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