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  1. I'm looking for a romantic role-play with a partner who doesn't mind sex scenes if and when they crop up. I don't mind playing multiple characters, though I'll usually stick with a main characters and have side character. I prefer my main to be female for this.

    I am looking for a partner or a group of people.

    I have some ideas that aren't quite fully developed yet:
    1. One of the partners (doesn't matter who) has a multiple personality disorder. This partner has at least one sweet and loving side and another that is the complete opposite--cruel and dominating. There can be more, but the struggle is mainly between these two characters.
    2. Vampire (NOT twilight, but classic vampire) relationship between two people: can be vampire-human or vampire-vampire
    3. People on the run from something--could be government, evil corporation, or something else in it's entirety

    If you guys have any of your own let me know. I'm pretty okay with everything exept the very very extreme. Shoot me an idea or two!

    Also I am pretty active between 6pm (sometimes4pm)-1 or 2 am. I do have school but I am pretty active. I'll warn you if I suddenly become inactive.
  2. I am interested in both the 1st and 2nd option.
  3. Alright! Do you have any ideas? I can think about some tonight and post some tomorrow if you don't!
  4. Heres a vampire one i have that I've been thinking about if you like it: a male vampire is set to become the king of vampires but it is required that he must set out to find human or vampire love (usually fall in love and remain with them for a year) and then kill her himself in order to become king. The vampires believe that you must remove weakness from your life and to remove it must be killed. Love is the ultimate weakness to the vampires.

    Basically the story would be about an internal argument with himself on whether or not to kill this human girl (we go from somewhere in the start or the very start) and be king or forfeit the throne to his brother.
  5. That sounds awesome. Do you have any idea on which roles to play. Since you said before in the introduction that you would like to play the female. I will be pleased to play the male in this story.
  6. You would be the male (the more awesome part!) and I would be the female. I can start the thread, but I feel like the Vampire King guy (whatever you choose his name to be) would best to start the story.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.