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  1. Hey there! My name is Yanaike, or rather it is the name of my favourite RP character. Thank you for clicking my RP request thread!

    This time I'm specifically looking for a short term RP consisting of roughly 1-3 scenes. The main reason for this is that a lot of my RPs tend to get stuck in kind of the introduction phase of the RP and with a shorter RP there is just no introduction: we can immediately go to the epic core of the roleplay! Besides that, I would absolutely loooove to finish a roleplay for once!

    Brainstorming is a key element in each and every of my roleplays. It doesn't matter how small the RP, the brainstorming phase is just as important to me. And while I have some ideas of my own (see below), I prefer to come up with a plot together. Therefore I require a partner who is able to contribute own ideas as well as expanding on and choosing of my ideas. Please do not reply and letting me do al the brainstorming, nor reply with a fully fleshed out plot you want to try, both will be ignored. Just send me brief descriptions of some of your characters, settings, genres and/or general themes you like to try or what you liked about my ideas, and I'm sure we'll figure out something together!

    For now, I want to play a female character. Most of my characters are MxF oriented. Your character can be anything though: male, female, MxM oriented, FxF, MxF, you name it!
    As for genres, I like fantasy (though leaning mostly towards low-fantasy/modern-fantasy), adventure, mystery, modern, romance, drama and even low sci-fi/post-apocalyptic.
    I'm not too picky when it comes to posting length/quality etc, but I want you to be able to respond at least 3-4 times a week in readable English and your post should include something I can respond/react to.

    I have a few very general and broad ideas/themes, to keep a short story interesting. We do not have to use any of these, but it can help make the story interesting:
    • Conflict: especially since the story will be so small our characters doesn't have to be friends.
    • Common goal: maybe even though our characters are not friends, they still have some sort of common goal they have to solve together, it's a great way to match two characters together that do not match personality-wise
    • Uncomfortable situations: I always love to put characters in a situation where they don't really belong (an extreme example would be a fantasy character in a very normal modern daily life setting or the other way around).
    And last but not least I have made a 'mood board' that I'll keep updating with loads of keywords that refer to one or multiple ideas I have. Again we do not have to use any of these. There is some sort of logic in the moodboard with the orange words referring to characters, blue words referring to possible locations for the RP and green words referring to various other things like general ideas. Also I've grouped similar words together as well as words referring to the same character.

    spy, thief, quick, hacker, nomadic, witch, pupil, massager, geek, a tail, fantasy, low-fantasy, modern fantasy,
    ambitious, wild, orange, student, entertainer, barkeeper, team sport, random encounters, supernatural abilities,
    gadgets, pirate's daughter, doomslut, wasted, doing dishes, urban-fantasy, adventure, low sci-fi, drama, romance,
    dumb, telephonist, wedding planner, ninja, whoops, sister, family, friendship, cult, brainwash, experiments,
    mischievous, journalist, likes children, feminist, addicted, consumption society, elements, air, water, earth, fire,
    psychic, emotional, experiment, manipulative, hospital, laboratory, twelve zodiac signs, twelve months, a clock,
    naive, shy, religious, insecure, schoolkid, mysterious mansion, hidden loft, twenty-four hours, deck of cards, dice,
    daughter, adolescent, attention, rooftop, building site, abandoned amusement park, head or tails, hide and seek,
    character development, metropolis, central park, student house, subway system, train, school bus, day vs night,
    antagonist, evil, camper van, highway, diner, pub, motel, car wreck in the sea, uninhabited island, hiking,
    mountains, campsite, ski lodge, camping, farm, royal gardens, wonderland, dreamland, airship, library, labyrinth

    If you're interested, please send me a PM or leave a comment below!
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