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  1. Hello my name is Moon

    I have a few ideas that I would love for someone to try out with me and give a hand in developing the story/plot line.

    Well one of the few ideas I have going on in my head is a forbidden love story, also a action one based on assassins and last but not least fantasy about a elf and dark elf friendship or love with action .

    I also now have a few more story/plot ideas that can be done in pm or on thread one of the new ideas is called The Tale of Two mages and one of the others is The Huntsmen and the Warrior.

    If anyone would like to share ideas story/plot I am willing to work with anyone and help create a wonderful role play.

    Feel free to contact me any time.
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  2. Hello,

    This is my first day here, but I am looking to get started right away. I'd love to come up with a plot with you.
  3. Well hello CasmiRari its nice to meet you and Welcome to Iwaku. My name is Moon and I to am new here. Please tell me what you are looking for in a role play ?
  4. In interested in the one with a Elf and Dark Elf.
  5. Alright I will give you what story/plot in pm if that is alright with you.
  6. I would love a little forbidden romance between an assassin and pirate. You interested? Pm me~
  7. That's fine with me.
  8. I'm really sorry- I never saw the update for this thread in my flags, so I never replied.

    I'd be happy doing the assassins: perhaps competing assassins who keep crossing paths, which grows into a rivalry, which can then grow into a friendship or a romance, whichever you prefer which of course, much like Mr. & Mrs. Smith would not bode well for any possible employers (or guild leaders) and might result in expulsion or threats to their own lives.

    Did you have any specific preferences for those?
  9. I like both ideas feel free to contact me and we can talk about it more
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.