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  1. Hello. I really enjoy 1x1 so I wanted to see if anyone was willing to come and RP with me.

    I am pretty open to almost any kind of RP. Just ask and I'll most likely say yes. I am looking for people who are at least semi-literature. Give their posts some kind of substance.

    I would like to do anything concerning romance, fantasy or any kind of adventuring and am open to doing fandoms I feel comfortable in (I know enough about). I do have some ideas:

    Stranded It was an accident. Somehow the pair of you got left behind in the woods after an outing. Now you have to find your way back to civilization, but it may not be as easy as one might think. And is there more to what happened than you might have thought? Was it not an accident after all? [Horror or Realistic. Can have romance if wanted.]

    Arranged Two warring Kingdoms who want to stop. You know the drill. You've seen this happen many times before. Or have heard of it happening. A son and a daughter will wed and hopefully bridge the gap between them. But it may not be as you thought since the Kingdoms only seem to have daughters to spare. [Fantasy. Can become MxM but prefer FxF]

    Monster Hunting You are a hunter. You either travel with another hunter or you don't. It's all you've known since your teens and it's all you will do now into adulthood. Still you can't help but wonder at another life. Or at least a different kind of hunting life. Are monsters all so bad? All of them? And is the rumors about angels appearing in different places true? One way or another life is not going to be how you thought it would anymore. [Supernatural RP. Can be set in any season post-three.]

    Not Exactly Siblings You were five when your parents married and so you have grown up as siblings, always thinking and referring to the other in this way. But some things change and the platonic sibling-like bond might change as you enter high school. And if it does it certainly won't be an easy thing. You've always been siblings, nothing more. Can you ever become more? [High School but can be College. Romance]

    So here are some and I might add more later. So post here or send me a pm if you're interested. I'd be open to anything else as well. These are just ideas and I am willing to bend on them as well if you want.
  2. I'm interested in the Arranged one and the Siblings one. If we do Arranged can it be a M/M? I can do F/F but I enjoy M/M more :P
  3. I am interested in the Monster Hunting one big time. Would like to know what all you had planned.

  4. I'd be more than willing to do MxM for the Arranged one. I'll send you a pm soon so we can discuss more.

    Awesome. I'll send you a pm to let you know what I have in mind for it.
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