Looking for science fiction/ mech stuff.

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  1. I am seriously craving something sci-fi. Maybe with mechs, and stuff. Because mechs are incredibly amazing.

    For some reason it seems like in general, the Iwakuroleplay community hates sci-fi. Prove me wrong, please.
  2. Oh, gosh! Do you want to do a mech roleplay with me. ;D
    Are you looking for mostly mecha based or just SciFi in general? Do you have any general ideas or do I need to bring the ideas to the table.
    Also, yes. Seriously, this should be a thing that happens. :0
  3. This is happening. Sci-fi in general, but preferably with mechs. You have ideas? They are welcomed here.

    I'm hoping they're good ideas. Tell me they're good ideas.
  4. I am also interested in this idea Mechs are very good thay make me happy, if you are a fan of Gundam wing we could do a spin off of that, or something idk.
  5. I'm looking for something more original, and not a spinoff of another series. Gotta create stuff, y'know? Got anything else?
  6. Well there is always the idea of sky Pirates, who fly massive airships and cause mayhem with mechs in a futuristic tale, Kind of like Cowboy bebop meets Gundam meets Eureka seven meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Not as a spin off but to give you an idea of what I mean
  7. You mean Skies of Arcadia? :P Brownie points to anyone that's played that game. It's my baby.
  8. No, I haven't -_- if thats out, a cyber punk world, maybe about racing mechs? and a mechanic and his/her racer get into trouble and have to change the use of their mechs from racing to fighting, and go on the run?
  9. Maybe something similar, except it's a fighting race to begin with. Like, you can attack the mechs to get ahead in the race. The racer and his mechanic find out about an underground parts race thing, and they battle in that. That could develop into something really cool!
  10. Ok so We would start off in a semi or professional circuit and of course the events would have to be decided but maybe we could end up in a huge amount of debt and have to go into the underworld of our sport to make the money and of course it isn't that easy and a whole shit load of things happen. Again just a general over view but this seems like a decent Idea. The circuit could also take place in a galaxy, so races would take place on different planets allowing plot developement and things of that nature in between races and fighting and whatever happens
  11. Although I think if we got two other people involved, it could be better so that romance or whatever could happen, unless you are comfortable playing a female character
  12. Hmmm... I don't think it should be a debt sort of thing. Besides, if we're professionals, that would be a dead end as far as skills go. The only progression the characters and plot would have would be better gear. I think it should be something like we're just starting out as mech racers, but have really low incomes. We hear of this underground racing and instantly become interested, because it pays better and the racing is more intense than the surface races that don't have any fighting. I also think it should just take place on a planet, without much space travel. I get that I said sci-fi, but the space race stuff is a little off-putting. I agree though, this could potentially be a group thing, if you're interested in romance. If that's the case, you should start a thread on the group roleplay section, then PM me the link.
  13. So we could Start A roleplay about underground Mech Racing/Fighting? Ill Pm you with what I come up with sound good?
  14. Yeah alright, sounds good.
  15. will you start the thread?