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  1. Hello! I have been gone for a while and lately I started roleplaying again, I guess I'm not too rusty, yet I might do mistakes, so please tell me and bear with me if you are interested.

    My idea is pretty simple, I crave to make a school based roleplay, be it college or high school, adults or teenagers. I don't really mind it, but it should be a schoolish setting.

    It would be MxF or FxF, depending on what you prefer, though for this one I strongly prefer MxF.

    Both our characters are in the same class and they talk sometimes, though they are pretty different, my character is the typical schoolgirl and she cares for school, is somewhat shy and tries to get along with most people. Your character is more on the bad side, yet takes care of my character whenever something bad comes up and protects her. She'd not entirely develop feelings, but your character invites her to a party or something else where she, for the first time in her life, gets introduced to alcohol, drugs or something like that. Your character makes her try some things and she sort of loses control and wakes up in your characters arms. She isn't all too bothered, but now is widely known within your characters group of friends and your character invites her more often, maybe making her open up and eventually develop feelings.

    So in short I want the girl to get introduced to a previously badly thought of world and get interested, maybe even a huge part of it, this could even go as far as to make her not care about school at all and just get drunk and sleep around, but I want to discuss this and play it out for a bit before we decide anything like this.

    I expect nothing basically, just have somewhat proper grammar and reply at least once a week and I'm good, i'd also appreciate a long term partner rather than being left alone with this after a week!

    Thank you for reading and feel free to reply here or PM me :)
  2. I'm interested in this, however my replies might be a little slow I've been dealing with some crap in my life as of late. (I've been wanting to play a badboy for a while.)
  3. That's fine! I dropped you a message :3
  4. Hey, I was wondering if you would like to start another rp with me?
  5. I have this awkward urge to cuddle your picture...so think of it as a yes! Dropped you a message :)
  6. Sure, drop me a message with some of your ideas :3
  7. I am interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.