Looking For RPs

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  1. Looking to start up another RP to alleviate boredom between replies. I prefer (F x M) but am also open to (F x F) partnerings. I don't want just straight to sex. I would rather do something with a plot to it. I am open to discussing and tossing about plot ideas as well.

    I'm not entirely into fandoms, so I would prefer more originality. I may be more open to them if I already know the subject rather well, though. I would also prefer someone who is active on the site daily as well as someone who can type with minimal errors and can spell out his/her words. (No speaking like u dont care 4 english.)

    If there's something you want to toss up and try, reply to this thread or message me on Iwaku.

    ~Ku Yu
  2. What kind if rp did you have in mind?
  3. I'm really open to anything right now. Preferably something with some kind of action into it. (i.e. fighting or what not.) I'm fine with any kind of time period, I believe, and am open to ideas.