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  1. I'm a little below semi adv. and normal post about a paragraph (about 3-6 sometimes more) lines per post if you're fine with that then stick around [​IMG]

    I'm willing to do almost anything so just name what you would like to do and I'll tell you if I'm ok with it or not

    I'm inactive right now so only expect one reply every day or so and if we do anything fandom related I prefer to do OCs but canons characters are okay

    Warnings and more info about me about me:
    -I tend to procrastinate when it come to doing well, everything so if I don't reply just bump the thread until I reply
    -I really don't have the muse for a straight real life especially if it's romance. If you want any romance in the story has to have some sort of supernatural or any of that sort of spin
    -I'm cool with any gender pairing
    -My muse is dependent on how much you post if you post a small amount of sentences I will too and vice versa
    -I pretty much only rp male characters but, I can make exceptions
    -please keep in mind that it normally takes me about 30 mins to 3 hours to write a post depending on how long it is so if you don't get a reply right away when I'm online that's way
    -no NSFW content (I'm underage)

    suggested fandoms(If you have any other fandoms in mind don't be afraid to suggest it!):
    -pokemon (Gijinkas included)
    -legend of zelda
    -fire emblem
    -parasite the maxim
    -katekyo hitman reborn
    -hunter x hunter
    -Kid Icarus
    -the world ends with you
    -fullmetal alchemist
    -Iron knight
    -Shin Megami Tensei
    -I don't want this kind of hero

    suggested non-fandom(If you have any other non-fandom related topics in mind don't be afraid to suggest it!):

    the only requirement I have is:
    -if I screw up on spelling or grammar don't freak out or yell at me
  2. Hey there

    I like the idea of a pokemon Roleplay if you are interested?:bsmile:
  3. Sure, let's hear it
  4. Cool I'll drop you a PM
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.