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  1. So I want to do an rp and have a few pairings I would like to do or try. But if you are going to rp with me I would like at least 2 decent length paragraphs for each reply. You can always add more if you want, if you put more effort into a response so will i. I only rp mxf and fxf because mxm just never work out on my part. (I still prefer just to keep it straight though) I can play a Dom male, Dom female and sub female. I do like the idea of bdsm and such so long as it doesn't go so far to where there is blatant harm being done to the sub. What I would really like is a long term rp partner that's a male dom so I can play a female sub. But if you really want, I can play Dom.

    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Human x Demon
    Hunter x Vampire/Demon/ something of that nature
    Hunter x Hunter
    Master x Slave
    (Pirates)Captain x Captain
    Pirate x Captive/Prisoner
    Kidnapper x Kidnappee

    If you are interested pm me or post on this thread.
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  2. i am intrestede theres a few id like to do
  3. Do you still want to role play with me?
  4. yes X3
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