Looking for RP Partners

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for an RP partner here. I'm new to this site, but have been RPing for a good amount of years. I have a few ideas in mind, especially a specific fantasy one. I'm opened to many ideas, so just go ahead and let me know. I'm pretty friendly and can't wait to get started here.

    You can go ahead and post here or even message me. Either way is fine. If there are any questions, go ahead and ask.
  2. Shoot me your fantasy idea! :D i'm open to a lot of things. I've been looking to play male. so xD
  3. Wonderful! =3

    Well, I have a few in mind. One primarily is about nightmare demons and souls. Hanako/Ayana is a Nightmare demon that lives specifically off souls. She travels between the Dream realm and Human world. She hunts through dreams by converting them into Nightmares, but not by choice. She had sold her soul to a demon ages ago, so she's practically a slave. She's looking for freedom, but because her other half, Ayana, who is the corrupted, keeps her, she is unable to do anything. So she needs some help to become free from her Master, as well as finding a way to regaining her soul and somehow finding how to deal with Ayana, who is also looking for a way to get rid of Hanako to take the body for herself.

    There will be other twists and stuff, but that's something I had in mind xD
  4. okay. how does my character fit into the whole situation? Like, what powers/skills does he require to help this?
  5. He can be anything. Most likely what would happen is that Hanako would try to hunt without using Ayana to prevent a slaughter, but possibly is unable to. Over time, she may create a contract, which gives him the powers she possess, adding along to his own that he has, that is, if he has any. He would basically be the key to doing anything she wished to do.