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Looking for RP Partners!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by FaithLeafCat, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. Hi, there! I'm looking for one or two (or more) different partners who don't mind a slower, more sporadic reply speed (meaning it can vary from several replies a day to one or two a week).

    I'm very comfortable playing in threads, PMs, and comments. I am still a bit new to the site, though, so bear with me if I have a problem or two submitting to the right section. ^^"


    Writing Level: Beginner/Elementary

    Post Length: Short Posts to Multiple Small Paragraphs

    Characters: Most of them are here, but I'm always happy to make up a new one and play multiple background characters as well!

    Genders: Both male and female characters

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Archetypes: Naive good guy/girl, teen with tragic past, insane/warped bad guy, scary character who turns out to be good and/or adorably sweet, the pet (especially talking or otherwise intelligent animals), the level-headed one, big brother/sister figure

    Genres: Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Magical, Mystery, Action Adventure, Scifi

    Playing Style: Passive or Aggressive

    Plot Candies: Rescue scenes, action, some angst, pets, multiple species in a role-play

    Other: I'm happy to role-play with all species! You don't need to ask if you can use your werewolf, fairy, vampire, gargoyle, lion, manticore, what have you - as long as you tell me what they are!


    - Brother from Another Mother: Character A is a werewolf in a setting where humans do not accept them. Character B is a human. Character B becomes close friends with Character A, and they have to protect each other from their respective species (or try to make alliances).

    - Pizza Delivery!: Character A is a pizza delivery boy/girl. However, the house they have to deliver to (Character B's house) is a little out of the ordinary for one reason or another. Something happens that forces Character A to stay in Character B's house, and while there, Character A has a chance to discover Character B's secret. Character B jealously guards that secret, though, and it won't come easy.

    - Next Stop, Death: Characters A and B are both on a bus scheduled for a normal destination. Unfortunately, the driver has other ideas (or something happens where he has to change routes) and brings all on board to a location decidedly more dangerous than the original.

    - Other: Toss me a message!
  2. Hello! I'm new to the role-play thing too! (It also looks like we checked similar boxes to posting speed, which is a plus.)

    I really like your pizza delivery idea. If you would, maybe we could chat about scenarios together? Just let me know! ​
  3. Hooray! So happy you'd like to role-play! Do you have any preference between role-playing in threads/PMs? ^^
  4. I'll rp with you it will be more of a medieval setting.
  5. Great! Sounds good to me! Any particular plot you had in mind? ^^
  6. Hey! The Pizza prompt sounds really interesting! Want to RP it with me?
    (I sent you a message at well.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.