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*I prefer to play females but will play males if double
*I like romance in my rps it can be pg-13 or 18+
*I don't rp with people under the age of 18 even if it a pg-13 rp.
*I prefer people who can play multiple characters at times.(npc) So it just not two characters in a empty world. It helps progressing of the rp.
*Para to multi para as long as the story moves I'm fine with it.
*Oc or pre set charcters
*this post will be altered often in light of finding rps and new ideas I will be adding more original story lines.
Plot is important and takes priority.

< 3 - most wanted
(Plot) - pre made plots available
(-) - plots connected to other plots
My character x your character

already filled note that this will only apply to some rps

Up for a lot of (sort of medieval) fantasy plots: current plot wants: *hertic ruler *dark twisted *romance *adventure *mutli-character

Under construction

Rps with plots:

***Very in Depth. partner need to be able to play multiple side charcters and be fine with main charcter separation for a bit.

So, I have a idea and I'm looking for someone to fill it. I want to do this one enough that I made a form for it. This is a Oc x Grimmjow and some Oc x Gin.
I need a partner who can handle multiple charcters.

This story line does not follow the Bleach story line it my own twist.

Rping takes two so I'm looking for someone to continue to the story 1-4 para.


Name: Abha Aizen
(Name meaning brightness)
Age: About three years younger then her older brother.
Zanpakuto: Sasayoki
Location: The fourth world "The Beyond"
Current race title: Benshi
History: Abha Aizen grew up with her brother and Gin. As she accepted in her training the soul society started to watch her more intently as she showed signs of being captain material before the end of her first year yet her power kept growing and fear started to take over the central 46. It wasn't long after that they learned she was working with the Visoreds. But, even then her powers access as she became more hollow then soul reaper. Soon she had two side looking at her in fear. Then she simply dissapered never to be seen again.

So, as the main plot
Abha had been brought before the king and queen positions of the Night Court. The queen how ever was not there do to the battle of Yahumi she was injured greatly and not expected to survive. Abha is next to take the position of queen in The Beyond yet the king wishes to test her since her own blood was causing a mess that could even affect their secret world. Though the position is only a title and nothing to do with the agreed partner ship between the king and queen the king rather interested in Abha and her power. He send her to do one of two things convince her brother to truly stop what he is doing and join the ranks The night court or kill him. Though her life Abha had never forgotten her best friend Gin and Sosuki her brother. Though she has kept tabs on them she was not pleased with the way her brother was doing things tricking the soul society to believe he was after their king. Yet, she never liked the soul society much her self she was not one fore senseless human death. She was also tasked to watch over a potential recruit A temp soul reaper who seemed to have more in his blood then he knew. After much consideration the prospect of holding the position of great power in her court she accepts but how will event unfold.

More can be discussed.

In the world pirates rule the seas taking what they want and living life on the open seas. The governments of the lands are just as bad in constant political battles and scandles.

My main character
Airya Edwards is a trained assassin taken from her village at a young age and trained to kill by contract. Her leaders believe they are keeping the peace but is that true? Airya has had enough but what can she do when your not aloud to leave this life not alive at least. And the leaders refuse to let such a well trained assassin go free when they see so much more money in her future for their cause.

Airya runs in the night leaving behind all she had including her trust in the man who was raised with her and partner. She makes way onto a ship as a stow away and takes to the sea hiding from her past.

She finds her self on a ship part of a crew on the hunt for a magical treasure that her own people have hidden away. But, with out the map it is near impossible. This stone map has been broken up into pieces and only top assassins have the pieces including her and her past partner.

With a total of 8 pieces she sets out with her new crew to get the other 7. But who can she keep her past a secret while her face and name is the target of all these assassins. And can she forget the man only man she ever trusted and learn to trust a new one as here partner hunts her down. Is he hunting her to take her back or to help her escape from the cage they where both thrown in as children.

The other two roles that can be filled if you wish to play both that is fine as well.

I have two open roles the first mate of the pirate ship she joins and her old partner. I'm leaving them open for customization. If you wish to play only one role I will play the other but I'm really looking for someone who can handle more than one role since most of the Rp will be on a ship with a crew and with in cities so small roles will be need to be done.

I also left the story open with many turns that can unfold as we progress. It's an open world.

I'm looking for someone who wants a serious long term Rp and can play male characters.

The world is divided into many countries now. Many are lead by royal families some countries live peacefully while others are bordering government collapse. Through it all a small eastern group of countries live and work together peacefully. Two countries will be brought together Avea and Romani, in a great collaboration between two countries a new allies are formed and a new peace washes over. The story of how these countries got there is both sad, fun, and sweet. The country of Romani holds an event for every prince next in line or not. This event consists of a group of twenty-five women who are brought together in the palace for the prince to fall in love with, The Royal Game, it is the most anticipated live broadcasted show in their country and this year theyare allowing princesses from other countries into the game. Five princess will will be selected by the royal family along with five high class females from Romania. The other fifteen will be chosen by the prince via pictures ranging from poor commoners to wealthy estates owners daughters within the country of Romani. The game consists of events, training, and public date while all the girls fight for the princes love.

Oc x chojruo mizukage
Can also be another Oc x any kage if you have a favorite kage you want to Rp an Oc with.

after the war the five nations lived in peace. New leaders took charge. A meeting was called by the the stone and soon the kages sat together again with a mysterious man who came to warn them of another lands ambitions to take over the land to the south of them their lands. Her brough 5 of his greater warriors to leave with each nation to prepare for the attack. They were all member of the rebellion wanting to put an end to their lands evil ruler.

But there was some condition that came with the help.

This one will be fun pm me and I will fill you in more about the foreign land and the conditions.

Slice of life
[spoili]1. MC is a biologist who enjoys doing field work more than lab work. So, she took a job work at Yellowstone national park. She had been there for a few months but didn't talk much about her personal life. YC is a sientist at Yellowstone as well he run more lab work. YC has asked Mc out twice but she always claimed to be busy. Hoping the rp will start out on his third attempted though it turned more into him asking her way she always turned him down though she seemed interesting. From there it will just be a normal slice of life romance. (My character has a child.)

2. MC is a music student at X University. One day after hanging out lat with friends she witness a motor cycle accident.. Pulling over she comforts Yc as he is near death while help is on the way. Being the way she is she comes in every day waiting for you to wake up and one day you do. Remembering her as the person who saved your life. The first part of this rp will be in the hospital as he recovers. Then maybe his house as his mother heirs Mc to take care of her son and help him rehabilitate.

This is another romance Mc is the rich daughter of a loving family. But, she says nothing about it.

YC is a rich son of a family who only thinks of money and status. The only thing I ask in this one is that Yc is under pressure to be with someone of same status yet he doesn't want that.
I will play his mother the basic trouble maker of this rp.

Everything is up for discussion.

3. Mc is a widowed mother who lives in a small town. One day her son get sick and in a panic she rushes him to the Er where she meets YC. Latter they run into eachother again. My character had one question running through her mind after talking to you again. Why is a such a well known doctor hiding in a small town.


RandomPairings: (fxm mxm /fxf if you can talk me into it/ )
(-)Oc x Ruby (plot)♥
(-)Oc x Red (plot)♥
(-)Oc x Steven Stone (plot)♥
Oc x Oc
Oc x Pokemorph
Pokemorph x trainer
Pokemorph x Pokemorph
Cannon x Cannon

Oc x Adem (plot)♥
Nora x Any
Nora x Ren ♥
Oc x Oc
Any x Any

Oc x Garra (plot)♥
Any x Any
Oc x Oc
Temeri x any
Oc x Naruto

Oc x Oc ♥

Shadow and bones :
Oc x darkling ♥

Throne of Glass:
Aliena x Rowen ♥

Oc x any
Oc x Oc

la corda d'oro:
Hino x Len♥
Hino x Hihara
Hino x Ryotaro♥

Voltage sim dating games:
Ask ♥

Tokyo ghoul:
Ghoul x ghoul
Or any combination of Oc

OC X Grimmjow♥ (Plot)

Assassins Creed:
Co x Edward ♥

Oc x Oc ♥
Any x any
Lucy x Natsu
Levi x gajeel ♥
Oc x Jellal ♥

Kuroko's basketball :
Oc xKuroko Tetsuya
Oc xTeppei
oc x Kiyoshi
Oc x Kise
Oc x Aomine
Aomine x momoi
Momoi x kuroko
Oc x Akashi

Mimori x Ryu
Any x any
Ghost hunt:
Mai x Naru ♥ ♥

Avatar the last air bender:
Oc x Oc
Tuff x Oc

Pathifinder :
Open plots

Shifter x shifter
Alpha x alpha
Human x Alpha
Single parent x single parent
Widow x random
Step sister x step brother
Step sister x step sister
Client x sleep therapist
One night stand gone wrong
Oc x stalker
Cop x killer
Mob x mob
Commen thief x killer (idea)
Demon x human
Magical creatur x human
Fae x Fae
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I'd be up for step bro x step sis, RenxNora, or LevixGajeel.

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