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  1. Hey! I'm Alex and I'm looking for a couple of partners.

    So, first of all, here are a few things about me and about what I do and expect as a partner:

    Post length: I usually post one or two paragraphs but it depends greatly on what you give me and how much of the plot we've decided ahead, I expect the same from you. I get it if one time you do a short post because of lack of time or you just don't know what to do but if all you give me are one liners I'll get bored and drop the RP.

    Grammar and spelling: English is not my native language so chances are I’ll make a few mistakes but I'm always careful to proof read what I post, so I make as few mistakes as possible, I expect the same from you. I don't mind a couple of mistakes here and there, but please be careful.

    Posting speed: I'm currently finishing school so I don't have a lot of spare time. Even though I'll post whenever I can, I can't promise you I'll more than once or twice a week, if I have more time I'll reply faster.

    Where to roleplay: I don't care if it's in a thread or in private but if it's via messages there must be one chat for the roleplay and another for talking and planning.

    Chatting OOC: I'm awfully shy, so I probably won't start a conversation about anything other than the roleplay myself but if you do I'll be delighted to talk to you, even if you just want to vent about a problem, I'm all ears. If I seem like I don't care because my answers are too short or whatever I promise it's not true, I'm just awkward.

    Pairings: I mainly like FxF or anyonexNB, I can do MxF but I prefer it if I'm the guy and I'm not all that comfortable with MxM but I'll do it if you really want to.

    What I like/don't like: I enjoy romance in all its shapes and sizes. SMUT’s nice but it's not a must and it can't be the center of the RP. I mainly like slice of life and fantasy but I'm willing to try most things that don't involve too much gore or violence and that aren't horror.

    Now, here are two plots I really want to try:

    This damned love:
    DemonxAngel FxF, FxNB (the demon being the NB).
    Heaven, God and purity are not all they're painted as. The creator of the universe has made a set of laws that determine what is good and what is bad, who is righteous and who is evil. All angels live to please their creator and follow his strict rules and humans must too, those who do are rewarded and loved, and those who don’t are punished and sent away.
    Lucifer, on the other hand believes in chaos but not evil and freedom but not carelessness; in his search for this things he offended his father and was cast down from heaven and sent to hell, where he lives taking care of the souls God won't take in. He rewards or punishes them because of their actions and not their love for him.
    In this world, angels and demons are sent to earth to get humans on their respective sides, and in a school in the middle of the 21st century two unlikely friend will meet: a female angel that will struggle with a love for someone her creator and father doesn't deem appropriate because of their gender and a demon who lives to party and causing havoc who must learn to compromise in order to get close to this ever intriguing angel.
    (I'm willing to play ether character)

    Crossing stares:
    There is this nice, little coffee shop hidden in the middle of the city, it's really cozy and warm, never too crowded, never too empty, it has nice music and nice people and the best chocolate truffles you'll ever taste. As nice as the place is you mostly never see the same person twice, or at least not very often, except of course for one girl. She's been coming here for a long time now, always writing on her computer (she wants to be a writer). She likes how free she feels in this comfortable place, like she can be herself, unlike at home were her strict and conservative family watches her too closely. Then one day another girl walks in, she's all short hair and combat boots and very... well, very gay. She starts coming in all the time and every time she does she crosses eyes with the beautiful, shy girl from the corner. Will they dare talk or will their short glances be all they get form each other?
    (I'm willing to play ether character)

    Other pairings:
    Student x Teacher
    Demon x Angel (Other plots)
    Princess/Prince x Maid/Slave/Servant
    And anything else you might want to try

    So, if you're intereste PM me or post here :)
  2. I'd like to try the prince x servant pairing!
  3. I like the Demon×Angel and Prince×Princess, maid/servant.
  4. [BCOLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)] PM me :)[/BCOLOR]
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