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  1. Hello there boys and girls, name's Aquakitty and welcome to my watery domain. I'm new to this site but not new to rping, though at times I tend to take a break from rping so my skills are still kinda terrible-ish. Sometimes I tend to get better as the rp progresses and sometimes I don't. Meaning that I can go from one-liners, to a few sentences to MAYBE a paragraph or two. I want to be able to have fun rps that'll make me want to go back and reread them over and over again.

    Grammar: I am not a grammar nazi and yes we've all made quite few mistakes, so don't worry I won't rage on you about it. That wouldn't be fun now would it?

    Ideas: This is another terrible thing about me...which is sometimes not being able to come up with ideas and plots for rps. But that doesn't mean I won't try to come up with some along the way!

    Genre: I really like rping fanasty, action/adventure rps! I can do a bit of romance(not really a big fan of the lovey-dovey), and not a horror type of person. Though depending on the rp, like say MLP, then yeah I'll do it.

    Sexuality and Gender: Now don't think for a second that just because I'm a girl, I'll only rp as females. WRONG![​IMG] I can rp both male and female. I can also do MxF and even MxM(yes I like yaoi) but I will never do FxF.

    Mature: I have no problem with mature rps, so bring it on
    I think that's everything so far..now onto the fun part!

    *means I want that role

    ~What I like to rp~
    -Trainer x Trainer
    -Trainer x Pokemon*
    -Trainer x Gijinka*
    -Pokemon x Pokemon
    -Canon x OC*
    -OC x OC
    -Canon x OC*
    -OC x OC
    -Wolves(or any animal)
    -Soul Eater
    -Naruto(always wanted to give it a shot)
    -InFamous(Something new I want to try out)

    Note: I will not do Twilight or have anything Twilight related. I don't rp characters from the animes/shows because I actually find them hard to rp as, so if you want to use them go ahead feel free.

    -Animal x human
    -Anthro animal x human
    -Neko* x Human/Hunter
    -Teacher x Student
    -Doctor x Patient
    [I'll add more when I think of other parings]

    If you have any you want to rp that I don't have up there, don't hesitate to ask [​IMG]

    Also I'm normally on at night
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  2. Question!

    It says adaptable in your Resume in your writing levels.. Does that mean you could do a few paragraphs? Or is it more adaptable to the first two you listed?
  3. More of the first two I listed. As I put in my op, I can go from on liners to some sentences and sometimes maybe a paragraph or two. It all depends really
  4. Still open for rping partners

    Even lurkers get cookies *sets out a plate of chocolate chip cookies*
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