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  1. *I prefer to play females but will play males if double
    *I like romance in my rps it can pg-13 or 18+
    *I don't rp with people under the age of 18 even if it a pg-13 rp.
    *I prefer people who can play multiple characters at times. So it just not two characters in a empty world.
    *Para to multi para
    *Oc or pre set charcters

    <3 - most wanted
    (Plot) - pre made plots available
    (-) - plots connected to other plots
    My character x your character


    (-)Oc x Ruby (plot)<3
    (-)Oc x Red (plot)<3
    (-)Oc x Steven Stone (plot)<3
    Oc x Oc
    Oc x Pokemorph
    Pokemorph x trainer
    Pokemorph x Pokemorph

    Oc x Adem (plot)<3
    Nora x Any
    Nora x Ren <3
    Oc x Oc
    Any x Any

    Oc x Garra (plot)<3
    Any x Any
    Oc x Oc
    Temeri x any
    Oc x Naruto

    Harry Potter:
    Oc x Oc

    Oc x Oc <3

    Shadow and bones :
    Oc x darkling <3

    Throne of Glass:
    Aliena x Rowen <3

    Oc x any
    Oc x Oc

    la corda d'oro:
    Hino x Len<3
    Hino x Hihara
    Hino x Ryotaro<3

    Voltage sim dating games:
    Ask <3

    Tokyo ghoul:
    Ghoul x ghoul
    Or any combination of Oc

    Neighbor form hell (based on the plot of the books):
    Oc x Oc <3

    Assassins Creed:
    Co x Edward <3

    Oc x Oc <3
    Any x any
    Lucy x Natsu
    Levi x gajeel <3
    Oc x Jellal <3

    [BCOLOR=#f9f9f9]Kuroko's basketball :[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#f9f9f9]Oc x [/BCOLOR]
    Kuroko Tetsuya
    Oc x
    oc x Kiyoshi
    Oc x Kise
    Oc x Aomine
    Aomine x momoi
    Momoi x kuroko
    Oc x Akashi

    Mimori x Ryu

    Ghost hunt:
    Mai x Naru <3 <3

    More may come these are only my fandoms if you are looking for originals I will soon post a link to that post bellow.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. I will happily play Gaara for you! ^-^ Would you be willing to play Kakashi for me?
  3. If you don't mind playing a story line I've always wanted to try I would play any character you would like lol. Plus Kakashi is like my second favorite character. I'll shoot you a message with story detail.
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  4. Awesome ^-^
  5. I love Fairy Tail and have absolutely no problem playing any of the canon characters for you if you'd return the favor by playing Leo/Loki for me?
  6. Sure send me a message with you plot line I will decide which one I want to try
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